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Top Landscaping Ideas for Islip, Huntington Bay and Glen Cove, NY

Renowned for their tidy landscapes and quietly beautiful suburban architecture incorporating the warmth and beauty of natural stone, Islip, Huntington and Glen Cove homes are the perfect setting for these elegant and eye-catching landscaping ideas.

Natural Stone Patio

A natural stone patio creates an outdoor space that incorporates the warmth and beauty of natural stone. The soft tones and rich natural texture of stone make it the perfect material for a welcoming outdoor setting. Patios are a great way to add useable space to your landscape and provide the platform for other functional outdoor rooms such as outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and outdoor bars. A natural stone patio contributes to both your Long Island property value and quality of life for you and your family.

Outdoor Fireplace

A well-designed outdoor fireplace provides the perfect outdoor space to be enjoyed all summer round, from warm summer evenings well into the cold winter months. Outdoor fireplaces offer comfort and ambience while making a bold visual statement: nothing says luxury outdoor living like the sublime setting of a fireside soiree or a simple glass of wine enjoyed in the warmth of an outdoor hearth. Added to your Islip, NY outdoor dining area, a fireplace creates the perfect intimate setting for entertaining and relaxing. Outdoor fireplaces are also a great way to extend the use of your backyard into the chilly months—a huge selling point for those homeowners looking to ensure a solid investment.

Water Features

Water features bring movement and a sense of serenity to a garden. Encompassing everything from ornate rockeries sporting waterfalls to koi ponds and fountains of all designs, a water feature is the perfect way to set your Huntington Bay, NY backyard design apart from any other. Their size is dependent only on the amount of space available, allowing you to transform your backyard into an intricate waterway, or confine your creativity to a small, minimalist Zen-style feature. Whatever design you choose, water features can be used to attract birds and small animals into your garden while contributing to the natural aesthetic and pleasing sounds of the environment.

Overhead shade via a Pergola

Given their open nature, some shade for your garden patio is necessary, and what better way to add shade than the open air pergola? Unlike solid covering that can detract from the outdoor experience, pergolas make use of horizontal beams laid at intervals to offer partial protection from the elements and provide a light, airy atmosphere. To increase their effectiveness further, pergolas can be overlaid with vines or outdoor fabrics. Pergolas designate a space perfect for outdoor furniture and create an inviting place for outdoor gatherings or quiet afternoons reading in the Glen Cove, NY fresh air.

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Long Island Landscaping Ideas

Retaining Walls

Why not create some interesting dimensionality by layering your Long Island landscape with the use of retaining walls? Retaining walls not only create an environment that is interesting to the eye, but also contribute to the environment’s aesthetic with the richness of the building materials used. Natural stone and concrete retaining wall systems can be used to bring color, texture and shape to your backyard. Retaining walls can also be used to create and link spaces, level sloped ground, and create multiple layers for a terracing effect. They also provide built-in seating and can house other features such as outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

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Landscaping Ideas for Huntington Bay, NY, Islip, NY, Glen Cove, NY

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