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Top Earth-Tone Concrete Pavers for Your Wilmington, DE, Patio

Top Earth-Tone Concrete Pavers for Your Wilmington, DE, Patio


There are various reasons to opt for earth-toned pavers for your patio. Warm, earthy tones pair perfectly with greenery and serve to merge hardscapes with their natural surroundings. Naturalistic hardscape designs can benefit from the organic earth-like appearance of these concrete pavers, especially tumbled or heavily textured variations. Their rich tones add depth and character to a hardscape design, sometimes incorporating unexpected red and purple undertones into the color scheme. Consider the following earth-toned concrete pavers from Unilock for your next hardscaping project:

Cocoa Brown or Sable Blend Mattoni Pavers

Mattoni pavers are slim and delicate in appearance, yet physically strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. The linear format and precise dimensions of each paver makes Mattoni well-suited to a wide range of paver patterns, from running bond to a basket weave design. Reminiscent of the bricks utilized in old Roman architecture, these concrete pavers have an antiqued finish that can help to pack a hardscape with additional character. The Cocoa Brown color option is warm and rich, while the Sable Blend color option features a more varied surface with sand-colored highlights. Both are ideal for creating characterful spaces with a relaxed historic feel.

Sierra Thornbury Pavers

Thornbury pavers are excellent substitutes for natural flagstone. They can be installed to facilitate permeability, merging their organic form with their function. Permeable pavers from Unilock are interspersed by slightly wider joint spaces and specialized base materials. This allows any surface water to flow between the pavers and return to the underlying ecosystem. The Sierra color option is predominantly earthy brown with delicate purple undertones.


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Almond Grove Treo Premier Pavers

Treo Premier pavers display a rich flagstone-like surface. The vibrant texture works hand-in-hand with an earth-toned color palette to create a seamless transition between hardscape and softscape. The Almond Grove color option showcases a gentle blend of chocolate brown and darker undertones. Because of Treo Premier’s smaller format sizes, this paver is ideal for adding stunning detail to smaller areas and creating cozy niches in the landscape. Find this paver and more in the Unilock Catalog.

Sierra Eco-Priora Pavers

Eco-Priora pavers can be used to create simple yet sophisticated paved surfaces. Similarly to Mattoni pavers, they are ideal candidates for executing a variety of laying patterns due to their precise linear format. And, like Thornbury pavers, they lend a helping hand to the natural landscape by facilitating permeable installation methods. The wide joint spaces between adjacent Eco-Priora pavers in a permeable system create bold shadows that highlight the clean, straight edge of each paver.

Umbriano Pavers

Umbriano pavers are a classic among Unilock Dealers and Unilock Authorized Contractors – and for good reason! The Harvest Brown color variation is incredibly deep and rich, delivering exactly what you would expect from an earth-toned paver in a sleek, refined package. Meanwhile, the Summer Wheat color variation offers subtle sandy undertones and a more delicate appearance. Umbriano pavers showcase the best of ColorFusion Technology from Unilock. This manufacturing process disperses pigment randomly, interspersed with granite particles, to achieve a dynamic mottled surface.


The title image features a Mattoni hardscape in the Sable Blend color option.


Top Earth-Tone Concrete Pavers for Your Wilmington, DE, Patio


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