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Top 3 Landscape Ideas for Circular Patios in Farmington Hills, MI

Top 3 Landscape Ideas for Circular Patios in Farmington Hills, MI


Often the slope and size of a yard can dictate the shape of a patio. While a rectangular patio is most common, a circular patio can bring a classic look to the landscape. Rounded patios can offer a softer look, with the curved edges and lack of harsh lines. But, a circular patio requires landscaping that works well with the shape, so here are three ideas for transforming your Farmington Hills, MI, round patio:

Flowering Plants

Adding a living focal point, such as a beautiful semi-circle planting of evergreen shrubs and flowers can draw your eye from the patio into the rest of the yard. Echoing the circular shape, green plants and small trees around the edge can break up the lines of the patio. Or consider a pergola with Lineo Dimensional Stone pillars in Midnight Stone to contrast with the natural color of the pergola’s wood and provide a place to add hanging plants and trailing vines. If you love the look of aged rock, add some built-in planters with Estate Wall to bring in annual flowers and decorative grasses as an accent. The use of greenery and plant life counters the structural lines of paved areas by providing a natural softness and more gentle geometry. The result is a visually stimulating yard, replete with textural variety and colorful diversity.

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Half Retaining Wall

A wonderful way to increase the usefulness of the patio space can be to add a half retaining wall to one side of the area. A RomanPisa wall has a distressed appearance that is ideal for rustic or rural settings. The Brussels Dimensional System, with five colors that can be mixed and matched, allows for a unique retaining wall addition to any outdoor space. By adding coping, such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose coping, on the top of the wall that provides more outdoor seating, you can increase the entertaining space of your circular patio.


The value that a fireplace can bring to your outdoor patio area is immense! When the evenings cool down, but you still want to dine outside or just relax with a warm drink, a fire burning nearby creates a toasty, serene atmosphere. With its rectangular shape, a modern Ventana fireplace of Lineo Dimensional Stone can be an excellent contrast to the circular patio shape. Or a Tuscany pre-built fireplace, constructed from Brussels Dimensional System with Copthorne accents, can bring old world beauty to your patio area. When even summer nights can become a little chilly at times, a fireplace can be the perfect patio addition. Whether added to your current patio, or built to expand and blend the two spaces, a Unilock fireplace can be enjoyed all year.

Using different paving patterns and their experience with landscape techniques, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can bring dimension and uniqueness to your Farmington Hills, MI, circular patio area. They can work with your existing patio, or create an entirely new one. Combining concentrated color and special wear resistant materials with a strong foundation, Unilock pavers provide superior manufacturing technology to withstand the elements.

The title image features a Copthorne patio with Brussels Dimensional System verticals and Copthorne accents.


Top 3 Landscape Ideas for Circular Patios in Farmington Hills, MI


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