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Three Landscape Ideas for Shady Yards in Erie County, NY

Three Landscape Ideas for Shady Yards in Erie County, NY


The title image features a raised Umbriano patio in the Winter Marvel color option.

Decorating a shady backyard requires a very different consideration of colors, textures and features. With today’s versatile materials, a shady yard can be quickly turned into a unique, uplifting space, rather than one that appears cold or gloomy. The first step is evaluating the degree of shade the yard gets and introducing elements that complement the light level. Planting greenery that thrives in shade is also an excellent way to bring life to a shady yard. Here are some creative landscape ideas for enhancing shady Erie County, NY, backyards:

Install a Limestone Walkway

A simple walkway is one of the easiest and most practical ways to separate the foliage of plants and create a barrier between plants and trees. This in itself can help to open up the space and allow a little more light into the yard. Unilock Limestone pavers are perfect for creating a unique walkway that will captivate with its charm and beauty. The walkway should connect two or more points in the backyard and create a sense of purpose with its design.

Unilock Limestone features low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and strength. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone also offers a surface that has been enhanced with a variety of surface treatments. Unilock Limestone comes in a deep Black River color option which is ideal for allowing lush green surroundings to come to the forefront.


Add a Fountain or a Waterfall

A fountain or a waterfall feature can be an excellent focal point for a shady backyard, adding to its already relaxed appeal. Consider utilizing Brussels Dimensional Stone for the design of a water feature. The weathered surface texture of this wall unit is ideal for constructing unique architectural objects that create visual interest. As well as its enchanting weathered surface texture, Brussels Dimensional Stone offers a versatile color palette that will add intensity to shady spots, and match the vibrancy of annuals – which are the perfect addition for shady flower beds.


Brightly Colored Plants

Bright flowering shrubs are another solution for shady yards because they often thrive in areas that don’t receive a lot of sunlight. These plants will beautify the space with their color, texture, and height. Vines give a shaded space an extra layer of color and are great for creating a natural privacy screen. Aside from brightening up the space with their color, flowers and vines create shapes that draw the eye, and can be used to match or contrast the colors and textures of other landscape features.


Raised patio and Steps

Raised patios work amazingly well in shady yards. If positioned properly, a raised patio can receive a greater amount sunlight than the surrounding landscape. Raised patios can also help to adjust the quality of shade that falls on nearby plants.
With its light, neutral shades of Buff and Coastal Slate, Rivercrest Wall can help to make the space appear more open and spacious. This is an excellent wall unit for the construction of raised patios and combines well with Ledgestone coping for the steps. Ledgestone’s similarly light and neutral color options will also add a touch of brightness to a shady outdoor space. Top your raised patio off with Umbriano in the Summer Wheat color option to add a sunny touch, or consider the Winter Marvel shade to enhance the surrounding greenery.

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Three Landscape Ideas for Shady Yards in Erie County, NY


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