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The Many Shapes and Sizes of Retaining Wall Blocks and How to Select the Right For Your Cincinnati, OH, Home

The Many Shapes and Sizes of Retaining Wall Blocks and How to Select the Right For Your Cincinnati, OH, Home


A retaining wall serves two purposes: to hold back a slope in the landscape, and to control erosion and water run-off. However, a retaining wall can also add value and aesthetic appeal to your yard, as well. Depending on the size of the yard and the finished look you want, the size of the wall blocks and stone can vary. So, how can you choose the right stone for your retaining wall?


The Look of Rugged Rock

If you want a wall that has a sturdy look, then a large, chunky rock aesthetic works well. This type of wall block lends the appearance of weight and solid strength, with a clear definition of where the retaining wall begins and the yard ends. Estate Wall blocks can create a wall that is a clear and stately feature of your yard. With the appearance of natural aged rock, Estate Wall blocks come in a range of earthy colors to blend with your existing landscape. Choose a uniform laying pattern or mix in another block size or color to vary the look of the wall.



Brussels Dimensional System is perfect for a retaining wall that curves around the slope of the yard. The natural River color option reflects the greens and browns of the landscape, pairing well with any shrubs and trees you might want to plant. The Limestone color option is a true gray and matches any home with a dark exterior. The neutral Sandstone color option could complement a brown or taupe home exterior. The large, rectangular shape produces a wall with a classic, traditional appeal.


Large and Sturdy

RomanPisa landscape blocks have a rough, weathered finish to fashion a wall that looks as if it has been there for ages. The Roman Stack block has a versatile short rectangle shape in natural grays and browns. This wall unit also features tapered units for creating curved walls. As well as creating a reliable retaining wall, consider RomanPisa for adding pillars for lanterns and lighting to bring a low light to your landscape.

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Random and Natural

For a classic retaining wall that reflects a true stacked stone appeal, Rivercrest Wall is the ideal wall stone. With relatively flat units of various sizes, stacked in a random pattern, Rivercrest Wall brings the character that you love in stacked stone walls that are many years old. If you desire the appearance of an old New England wall to grace your yard, this is the stone to use.


Sleek, Modern, Elongated Shapes

A retaining wall block that would lend a modern effect to your yard is the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System. It has both clean, smooth, rectangular blocks along with a rough, pitched-face fascia panel that can be interspersed to build a sleek but interesting contemporary wall. In colors of cream, gray, brown and tan, the design possibilities are endless.

Whether a retaining wall is necessary to solve a landscape problem, or a way to expand functional yard space, stone is an ideal choice. Requiring very little maintenance once it is built, a retaining wall can add planting space, ambient lighting and a focal point to your yard.

Unilock offers several products that combine the look of natural stone with the durability of concrete to expand the beauty and useful space in your yard. To connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area, click here.

The title image features a RomanPisa retaining wall.


The Many Shapes and Sizes of Retaining Wall Blocks and How to Select the Right For Your Cincinnati, OH, Home


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