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The Importance of Keeping Safety in Mind with Pool Deck Installations in Columbia, PA

The Importance of Keeping Safety in Mind with Pool Deck Installations in Columbia, PA

A backyard pool provides so much enjoyment during the summer season, and the best way to ensure that everyone has a good – and safe – time, is to install a suitable pool deck. This article explores the importance of keeping safety in mind with pool deck installations in Columbia, PA.

All pool deck materials are not created equal. Pool decks require special consideration as compared with other hardscapes such as patios or walkways. Here’s what you should look for in your pool deck materials:

Non-slip surface

Of course, the “No running!” rule around pools isn’t always observed, but you don’t have to be running in order to lose your footing. Wet surfaces can be slick, so choosing a material that maintains a steady barefoot grip is essential. Unilock Concrete pavers remain non-slip even when wet, and pavers such as Beacon Hill Flagstone, provide a richly textured finish to deliver a secure, non-slip surface.

Beacon Hill Flagstone gives you a pool deck that blends into the landscape, with its soft natural colors and variety of sizes.


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Pool decks take a lot of punishment: they’re usually exposed to sun for most of the day. UV rays can degrade certain materials and, in the case of wood, cause it to warp. Pool deck materials are also susceptible to damage from chlorine, salt, and other pool chemicals. Even in the off-season, pool decks can be damaged by the freeze/thaw cycle if the material is porous and allows for water to remain trapped inside it, as the expansion/contraction of the water freezing can cause buckling and cracking of the surface. The one material that can handle all of these challenges are Unilock concrete pavers, which feature low water absorption, and are manufactured using EnduraColor Technology to prevent degradation by UV rays and chemicals.

Richcliff pavers, for example, give pools an elegant look that perfectly emulates the appearance of natural stone (molds are taken from hundreds of actual natural stone samples, so no two pool decks will ever be alike). These pavers feature an embossed texture for slip resistance and are reinforced using Ultima Concrete Technology, making them up to four times the strength of poured concrete.

Mold/mildew resistance

Mold and mildew contributes to the slipperiness of pool surrounds, but it is also a serious health hazard. Just because there’s chlorine in the pool doesn’t mean that mildew, mold and algae can’t start to grow around the pool. Non-porous concrete pavers won’t allow mold or mildew spores to take hold, which is great news because you want to enjoy your pool deck instead of constantly scrubbing it.

Umbriano pavers, for example, offer a sleek modern look with the luxurious appearance of granite. Their stain-resistant finish, subtle texture, and laying pattern flexibility ensure you get both the looks and performance you want. EasyClean Stain Resistance ensure that Umbriano pavers won’t collect dirt, stains, residue or mildew.


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Some materials naturally become quite hot under the summer sun, to the point of being painful for bare feet. Surfaces with too much texture can snag and ruin swimsuits. And, some surfaces are just a pain to clean! Again, Unilock concrete pavers address all of these challenges. Thornbury pavers, for example, add a warm flagstone look to pool decks and offers a surface that feels good to walk on while remaining slip-resistant when wet. This paver features EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which ensures long-lasting color even in full sun exposure.


The title image features a Thornbury pool deck.


The Importance of Keeping Safety in Mind with Pool Deck Installations in Columbia, PA


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