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Take Your Waterloo Landscape Design to the Next Level with Custom Made Mailboxes and Chimneys

Take Your Waterloo Landscape Design to the Next Level with Custom Made Mailboxes and Chimneys


Bring your outdoor design to the next level with a custom mailbox or outdoor fire feature for your Waterloo, Ontario home! Nothing says welcome home like a beautifully crafted mailbox, and nothing will wow your guests more than a fire feature in your backyard lounge area. Luckily, with the vast range of wall units available from Unilock, these custom features have never been easier to source.


Custom Mailboxes

Custom mailboxes that complement the pavers of your driveway or walkways tie your property together with a homey elegance. With the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor, it’s easier than you think to customize your mailbox as a built-in feature or as a module on top of a column made from Unilock pillar units. One benefit of a custom mailbox feature is that it can be made to look as though it belongs as part of your home, and will blend in beautifully with the rest of the landscape design.


Wall Units and Coping

The first part of choosing your custom mailbox design is deciding on which type of unit you will select for this feature. If you are adding it onto an existing design, choose a color and texture that will complement or match best the permanent features you already have.

Rivercrest Wall from Unilock, combined Ledgestone coping is ideal for this purpose. This wall unit and coping combination offers subtle colors that are widely compatible with a great range of landscape color schemes. In addition, Rivercrest Wall provides the added benefit of a Rapid Pillar System for the fast and effective installation of pillars to support a custom mailbox design.

Or perhaps a Brussels Dimensional Stone feature with vibrant Il Campo paver accents would be better suited to your tastes?

Once you’ve decided on what wall unit you want to build your look with, there are a couple decisions left. You can have your custom mailbox installed either at the end of your driveway, close to the curb, or you can choose to place it closer to your home, near a walkway or approaching the entryway of your home.


Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fire feature is one custom build that is absolutely sure to wow your guests. The options are truly endless— customize your outdoor fireplace and chimney with the help of Unilock Authorized Contractor and the wide variety of Unilock wall units, or opt for a pre-built fireplace from Unilock.

While Brussels Dimensional Stone has a natural quarried feel, you could also opt for Lineo Dimensional Stone for a smoother and more polished look for a modern fireplace. Once you’ve decided on which of the many looks to choose from with Unilock wall units, all you have to decide is where and how to incorporate it into your landscape design. A freestanding traditional fireplace is a classic addition that you cannot go wrong with. Nothing will make your backyard feel more like home!

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Whether it’s a custom mailbox or a classic fireplace, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you figure out all the details, from materials, to design. These upscale features really take your landscaping design to the next level and add value and beauty to your home. Contact one of our Authorized Contractors today to get started!

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional Stone custom mailbox with Il Campo paver accents.




Take Your Waterloo Landscape Design to the Next Level with Custom Made Mailboxes and Chimneys

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