Take Your Backyard from Typical to Luxurious with an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space in Waterloo, ON | Unilock

Take Your Backyard from Typical to Luxurious with an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space in Waterloo, ON

Take Your Backyard from Typical to Luxurious with an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space in Waterloo


Your backyard can become a luxurious hotspot by adding an outdoor kitchen and a dining space to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with family and friends. There are many benefits to an outdoor kitchen and dining space, such as fresh air, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and more space for guests. Here’s how to turn your patio into a backyard oasis in Waterloo, ON:


Designing your layout

The first step is to envision a layout for your kitchen and dining area in your backyard. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you figure out where the best place is for an outdoor kitchen, taking into account factors like the distance from your home’s structure and proximity to other outdoor structures. They can then help you decide where you’d like your dining area to go, considering the size you want and how many people you’d like space for, as well as the sorts of views you want while you’re dining. Most people prefer their dining area to be in the shade, but if you want to be in the sun, you could always opt for a pergola with retractable shade cloth for added shelter if desired.


Building Your Kitchen

A Unilock Authorized Contractor can also help you decide what kind of appliances you might want to put in your outdoor kitchen, such as a grill, wine fridge, range top, sink, or warming oven. With the right combination of appliances, you can prepare any type of meal for any number of people! Next, an Authorized Contractor will help you choose the materials for flooring, walls, and verticals. One great option for flooring is Senzo, a non-slip, stain resistant paver that has a smooth, modern look and can be laid in a variety of patterns. The EasyClean Stain Resistance incorporated into its surface ensures that it can be cleaned of any spills or splatters that occurred without leaving stains. Umbriano is another great choice with the benefit of stain resistance for easy clean up when spills happen. For the walls and verticals that will make up your cooking areas, consider something textured that will add visual interest. Brussels Dimensional Stone has a beautiful, rustic look that blends in perfectly with any design. If you want something more contemporary, Lineo Dimensional Stone has a sleek look that works perfectly for modern luxury outdoor kitchens.

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Outdoor Dining Haven

Now that you’ve got your beautiful outdoor kitchen, it’s time to get the dining area ready to go. For an open concept feel, consider using the same flooring for the dining area and kitchen. This will create a cohesive space that flows from one section to the other. However, if you want more defined areas, you could consider a different paver for the kitchen and dining areas, or the same paver in a different color. For example, consider Umbriano pavers for your dining area and main patio and Copthorne pavers for your outdoor kitchen, or vice versa. Keep your space open, or add walls around your dining area to add more definition and privacy. You could add coping to your walls so they can be used as casual seating when you’re using your space for bigger parties, or you could incorporate planters to add a natural touch of beauty to your dining space!

Adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area is a great way to make your backyard stand out and add livable space. It all starts with your vision, and we can help you make it happen!

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals, and Copthorne outdoor kitchen inlay and accents.


Take Your Backyard from Typical to Luxurious with an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space in Waterloo, ON


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