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Stylish Landscaping Ideas to Remodel a Front Entrance in Boston, MA

Stylish Landscaping Ideas to Remodel a Front Entrance in Boston, MA


Remodeling your front entrance has the power to radically transform the appearance of your Boston, MA home. The key lies in the choice of high quality and attractive materials. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone and durable concrete pavers offer stunning color options and surface textures that will add curb appeal to your home and increase the value of your property. Here are some ideas for inspiration:


A Walkway With a Bold Design

The presence of a walkway, or series of walkways, will not only beautify the front entrance, but serve as a functional asset to the home. Walkways can be used to draw attention to lesser used outdoor spaces, such as hidden patios or spaces tucked away in secluded corners of the yard. A front yard walkway can provide a quick, direct route to your front door, or take guests on a tour of the landscape as they enter your front yard. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is ideal for creating bold, beautiful walkways that are both low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. Unilock Limestone, for example, presents a finely grained surface texture and comes in different shapes and sizes – perfect for creating a modern yet elegant first impression. This natural stone comes in three subtle color options for creating different moods.

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Add Steps or a Retaining Wall

Steps are standard features for front yards, so if you are working with an elevated front yard, get creative with the design of your steps. Ledgestone step units from Unilock, are ideal for achieving the elegant appearance of natural ledge rock. These heavy-weight units can be used to add impressive steps up to the front door of your home, or connect multiple levels of your front yard.
If your property is flat, take advantage of the benefits of a retaining wall and add some structure to the yard. Rivercrest Wall will beautify your front yard with its flagstone look. This wall unit presents two color options, Buff and Coastal Slate, and will create a focal point that effortlessly blends in with traditional architecture. Coping is a great way to add a refined finish to the retaining wall and accent the structure. Consider Brussels Fullnose coping in the shade of Charcoal to accentuate your retaining wall or raised plant beds.


Invest in a Charming Driveway

A high-quality driveway will impress your visitors and offer them a warm welcome as they arrive at your residence. Investing in a driveway that is both attractive and low maintenance will also increase the value of your property, as these are highly sought after qualities for appraisers and potential buyers. For this, Unilock offers a variety of products that will perfectly suit any landscape style. Richcliff pavers, for example, provide an elegant, historical look that will add a touch of class to your driveway, while Copthorne is rich with old-world charm. Series pavers are modern and refined, while simultaneously offering high-performance and incredible durability. Regardless of your choice, Unilock driveway pavers create sophisticated structures that won’t crack or fade.

The title image features a Series paver front entrance.


Stylish Landscaping Ideas to Remodel a Front Entrance in Boston, MA


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