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Stunning Landscaping Ideas for Lakefront Properties in North Shore, Ontario

Stunning Landscaping Ideas for Lakefront Properties in North Shore, Ontario


A lakefront property is a dream come true for any North Shore, Ontario, resident. Just imagining the mornings with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore is enough to make anyone feel relaxed and serene. While owning a lakefront property might be bliss, designing and constructing a durable landscape for a lakefront home is another story. Fortunately, a Unilock Authorized Contractor is just a call away. In the meanwhile, here are some landscaping ideas for getting the most out of the many advantages that a lakefront property has to offer.


Dealing with the challenges of a lakefront property

One of the biggest challenges of a lakefront property is the fact that most of them are built on a floodplain. This is why the first thing your contractor will address is how to strengthen and protect your property from erosion. One of the strategies that a contractor might incorporate is the use of retaining walls to hold back soil and add structure to the landscape. Depending on the height of the wall and its weight-bearing requirements, you may require a heavy-duty wall unit. Fortunately with Pisa2 wall units from Unilock, heavy-duty doesn’t mean compromising on style. Pisa2 features a setback design that automatically adjusts to form the right slope, making it ideal for holding back the loose, silty soil that is typical of lakeside properties. In addition, Pisa2 features a split and weathered face that ensures that, while hardwearing, the unit can be used to enhance and contribute to the aesthetic of your property, rather than detract from it.


Elevated patios

The retaining walls that may be something of a requirement for a lakeside property have the additional benefit of providing the opportunity to create multi-level patios and elevated platforms. As well as making for an interesting design, adding multiple levels to your landscape creates elevations from which to enjoy the view of the water.

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Where there are multiple levels, there will also have to be a way to access each level. Constructing steps incorporating Ledgestone coping is one way to ensure access between levels while accenting the rest of the hardscape. Ledgestone is available in large step units, as well as fullnose and natural edge coping units to enable the aesthetic to be continued throughout the hardscape. With Ledgestone, you have the option of Buff or Grey, both lending themselves to a subtle, authentic ledge rock appearance.


Hardscapes that take advantage of the view

A simple walkway running parallel to the waterline can help to guide the eye to the lake. Better still is a patio that spans the length of your property along the water’s edge. For such a project, you can’t possibly go wrong with Umbriano pavers in the elegant Winter Marvel color option. Umbriano’s refined, honed granite texture and zero-bevel edges can give your walkway that clean and modern look while complementing the mirror surface of the lake. You can take this idea a step further and integrate an inground pool into your lakeside patio for a true backyard paradise.

The title image features a lakeside patio and pool deck built using Umbriano pavers in the Winter Marvel color option.


Stunning Landscaping Ideas for Lakefront Properties in North Shore, Ontario


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