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Stunning Fire Pit and Fire Pit Seating Coping Options in Boston

Coping is an important part of the architectural design of your Boston, MA, fire pit seating. Consider choosing coping with a smooth, refined surface to create functional seating, add comfort, and give an extra dimension to the aesthetics of the structure. Here are some of the most popular coping options for the Boston area offered by Unilock:

Brussels Fullnose Coping

With its weathered texture and smooth, rounded edges, Brussels Fullnose Coping is perfect for your rustic fire pit and its seating area. This versatile coping option offers an extensive color palette that matches any type of application including steps, swimming pool siding, and pillars. Brussels Fullnose Coping is designed to complement the Brussels Dimensional System wall units and Brussels Block pavers, but its style makes it easy to blend in with a variety of other products.
This coping option attracts the eye of the viewer with its organically curved edge and natural looking colors. Brussels Fullnose features eleven different shades, ranging from light to dark, cool and warm, designed to match any landscape color scheme and increase the visual appeal of a fire pit area. Add a dramatic look to the fire pit structure by accenting it with the deep shade of Charcoal or subtle grey of Limestone. If your landscape needs a touch of warm, earthy tones, the Bavarian, Desert Valley, and Salmon/Charcoal shades will make a great addition.

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Natural Stone Coping

Natural stone adds sophistication and timeless elegance to both traditional and modern landscapes. Unilock offers two premium natural stone coping options, Limestone and Sandstone. Limestone features fine textures and a luxurious radiance in three color options, Black River, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist. The Fullnose coping option works better for fire pit seating because of its rounded edges.
To add a warm accent to your fire pit area, use the bright amber shine of Autumn Harvest or the golden brown of Indian Coast Sandstone coping. The Stone Cliff Grey color option is the third attractive color option in the Sandstone line, which leans towards cool, grey tones.

Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone Coping attracts with its rugged elegance and the natural appearance of hand-carved stone. This coping is ideal for fire pit and seating applications with its smooth top surface that ensures comfort. Ledgestone coping is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailored for multi-style applications, including fire pit and fire pit seating. The coping features three color variations, the cooler shades of Grey and Blue, ideal for a bolder look, and neutral Buff for creating a balanced appearance that will tone down daring fire pit surroundings.

Estate Wall Coping

Another Unilock coping option that recreates the appearance of natural, aged rock and has the power to transform the look of your seating wall is Estate Wall Coping. Estate Wall Coping offers a weathered surface and a texture whose soft, regal finish will accentuate the look of your fire pit. This coping option offers four color variations, the earthy Almond Grove, Sierra, and Walnut, as well as the grey undertones of Granite.

The title image features a fire pit built from Rivercrest Wall, finished with Ledgestone coping, with a complementary seat wall topped with Brussels Fullnose.

Stunning Fire Pit and Fire Pit Seating Coping Options in Boston, MA


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