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Stone Walkways Ft. Wayne IN

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Unilock Stone Walkways Lead the Way in Ft. Wayne, IN

Stone walkways finely crafted by Unilock will provide a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing walking surface around your home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Paths are an integral part of every home landscape because they serve the important function of directing foot traffic into the preferred direction. The right paths, however – like the stunning and durable stone walkways built by Unilock – can do so much more. Many of our timeless and stylish patterns can be mixed and matched to create unique stone pathways that add visual interest to your property, define borders around outdoor elements, and draw your visitors to areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. You are limited only by your creativity.
Indeed, for the very best in paving stone technology, you can count on Unilock. Our overriding goal is to help homeowners enhance their everyday living and increase the value and curb appeal of their homes with the best patio stone on the market. Manufactured in our world-class production facilities in accordance with stringent performance standards, Unilock sidewalk pavers provide a lifetime of enjoyment for homeowners.
Our ongoing research and development over the last 40 years has culminated in our popular Unilock Select™ collection. These unique pavers boast some of the most technologically advanced features available in the industry, making them particularly well-suited for stone walkways. For example, some options include:
• Reala™ Surface Technology – incorporates the use of cobblestones, bricks, and natural stones to create natural-looking textures
• Ultima™ Concrete Technology – delivers up to four times the strength of poured concrete for pavers that capable of taking on the heaviest of traffic
• EasyClean™ Stain Resistance – defies stains and makes the cleanup of spills a snap
• And more
Perhaps best of all, the enduring beauty and unsurpassed performance of Unilock stone walkways are backed by a transferable lifetime guarantee that is solid as a rock.
Contact Unilock, and we’ll put you in touch with a local Unilock Authorized Contractor who will meet with you, discuss your requirements for stone walkways, and provide a free estimate for your project in Ft. Wayne, IN.

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