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Stone Patio Pittsburgh PA

Stone Patio Design Considerations for Your Pittsburgh, PA, Property

A stone patio is an elegant outdoor area upgrade for your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, property. Made using paving stones, they provide solid ground to create a number of different outdoor spaces. For example, a paved patio is the perfect setting for an outdoor dining room, a relaxing lounge area, or even an outdoor kitchen. Plus, a paved patio deck is great around a pool if you use pavers that feature slip-resistant surfaces. As an added bonus, in addition to increasing overall outdoor living space, a stone patio may also add value to your home.
When you’re looking to design a stone patio for your Pittsburgh area home, you’ll find many different options available in paving stone materials. There are several elements to consider when creating your patio, such as:

  • Paver style – Stone pavers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. You’ll want to find the paver that suits your aesthetic preferences and meets your design needs. Whether you prefer the rustic look of brick or the modern sleek appearance of granite, there is a paving stone available for you.
  • Application/use on the property – When designing your new stone patio, think about how you want to use it. Will you be designing an area where children will play, or where you’ll enjoy meals with family and friends? Deciding how the patio will be used can help determine if you’ll need paving stones with special features such as non-slip or easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Investment costs – Designing a new stone patio represents an important investment. The quality of the pavers you select may determine how long the patio will last without needing repairs and how long the pavers will maintain their beauty without fading or cracking.

If you’ll looking to build a stone patio on your Pittsburgh, PA, property, Unilock offers a vast selection of attractive and incredibly durable products. Contact Unilock today for a free project estimate, and be sure to ask about our EnduraColor™ Plus Architectural Finishes line, which features pavers with our most advanced technologies.

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