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Stone Driveway Indianapolis IN

Stone Driveway Indianapolis IN

Replace your Stone Driveway in Indianapolis, IN Using Pavers from Unilock

Tired of your stone driveway in Indianapolis, Indiana? Gravel may have seemed like an inexpensive choice for your driveway material, but you’re likely finding that the drawbacks can outweigh the initial savings. Clearing the snow away can be tricky at best, and every spring you’re likely to find stray rocks in your lawn – which can become dangerous projectiles if hit by your lawn mower.
Why not replace your stone driveway with Unilock’s premier paving stones? Our concrete pavers are both strong and beautiful, and will maintain their attractiveness for many years to come. Their non-slip surface and resistance to damage from de-icing salt make them ideal for creating an eye-catching new driveway that is sure to boost the curb appeal of your Indianapolis home. If you choose products from our EnduraColor™ Plus collection, you’ll enjoy additional features, such as added durability and easy clean-up of spills from gas, oil, and grease. Instead of a dusty stone driveway, you’ll have an attention-grabbing paved driveway that’s also easy to maintain.
Our selection of EnduraColor™ Plus pavers includes:

  • Town Hall™ – Resembles historic Midwest street pavers
  • Umbriano® – Replicates the look of granite
  • Courtstone® – Mirrors the cobblestones used in European carriageways of old
  • Series 3000® – Modern looking, with a high-performance surface made from quart and granite materials

With these amazing options available, why suffer any longer with your stone driveway? Contact Unilock today to learn more about how we can help you create the driveway of your dreams in Indianapolis, IN. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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