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Shape and Form Themes for Impressive Outdoor Kitchens in Omaha, Lincoln

Over the past few years outdoor kitchens have increased in popularity in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. There is now an abundance of available options for creating the ideal outdoor dining experience, from materials to amenities and layout designs. So if you have been thinking of dining alfresco, this is your moment. To guide you through this sea of possibilities and help you decide what works better, we’ll break down the concept of shape and form themes and how they can be integrated into your outdoor kitchen for a stunning visual effect.

Shape and form themes

Simply put, there are two primary shape and form themes applicable to hardscaping: geometric, consisting of straight lines and right angles, and organic, consisting of curved or meandering lines and circles. The former is often found in modern, formal and contemporary styles, while the latter lends itself to a more natural setting and rustic theme. However, examples of combinations of both can be found across the spectrum of design themes.
To decide on which will be predominant in the hardscaping of your outdoor kitchen, it may help to ask yourself what feeling you’d like to capture for your outdoor setting. Do you prefer one of structure and efficiency or would you prefer a more relaxed feeling for your outdoor kitchen? Analyze the space you have available for your outdoor kitchen before you choose its shape. You’ll want it to be aesthetically harmonious in your landscape and that means it should not be crammed into a tiny space or lost in a spacious backyard.

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These themes can be reflected in a number of different ways in your outdoor kitchen design. Here are just a few ideas.


As the name suggests, this kitchen style has 3 adjacent counters and is the preferred shape of most chefs, allowing them to maintain everything within their reach. This design has plenty of prep areas and space available for guests to perch on barstools at the counter to keep the chef company. This format, however, tends to be larger than others and requires a spacious backyard. The U-shape can be designed to incorporate a curve or consist of three straight counters placed at right angles.


This shape works best if you have your outdoor kitchen built parallel to a wall, so the “L” is formed by a counter that separates spaces. It may have a little less counter space but it provides easy access for the chef to dash to the indoor kitchen if needed. Depending on the layout of your landscape you can also fit this shape in a corner to use your available space more efficiently.

Grill Island

Although simple, the traditional grill island is an effective outdoor kitchen design. Although you may still be dependent on your indoor kitchen for storage and some preparation, the simple grill island is ideal for a quick outdoor cookout. The grill island is also versatile when it comes to adapting to a shape or form theme. The grill island can incorporate a curve to soften the appearance of the surrounding hardscape or maintain a rectangular structure depending on your preference.

The title image features a grill island built from Olde Quarry wall units in Prairie.

Shape and Form Themes for Impressive Outdoor Kitchens in Omaha, Lincoln NE

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