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Highest quality retaining wall products from North America’s most trusted and premier manufacturer.

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Retaining Walls for Homeowners in Ottawa, ON

Unilock is proud to offer retaining walls that offer durability and beauty to homeowners in Ottawa, ON, and all other surrounding communities. Since 1972, we’ve been leading the industry in paver and wall products across North America. We marry the beauty of natural stone, to groundbreaking manufacturing technologies, resulting in paver and wall products with unrivaled strength and beauty. This means not only will our products offer the stability and strength you’re looking for, but they will also look aesthetically pleasing and bring curb appeal to your home.

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Whether you're thinking of adding a low seat wall surrounding a fire pit or designing a raised pool deck, Unilock offers a variety of materials that combine the strength and beauty of concrete with the natural beauty of stone to give you the ideal combination of style and longevity.

Some of our most popular Unilock retaining wall products include:

U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System - This revolutionary wall system can design many exciting vertical elements, and comes with a refined surface and long-lasting color of EnduraColor™.
Lineo™ Dimensional Stone - Features a simple design with a long, linear look, allowing you to easily construct contemporary walls, grill islands, and other vertical elements.
Brussels Dimensional Stone® – The appearance of weathered stone adds a contemporary touch to your hardscaping project. Ideal for garden and low seat walls.
Estate Wall™ – The antique-textured finish creates the appearance of timeworn, natural rock.

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Benefits of Choosing Unilock Retaining Walls Over Competitive Products in Ottawa, ON

At Unilock, we offer a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to mix and match different paver and wall products to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Here are just some of the benefits you will get from choosing a Unilock retaining wall for your home:

• Our products are specially engineered to withstand severe freeze/thaw cycles.
• No need to sacrifice beauty for strength. Some of our wall products are designed with EnduraColor™ technology, which delivers a refined surface and long-lasting color that resists the appearance of fading over time.

• Retaining walls are designed to combat soil erosion, ensuring long-term stability outside your home or business.
• Limitless design possibilities, with products like U-Cara®, which allow you to mix and match textures and styles to create a unique wall system.
• Retaining walls are backed by our Transferable Lifetime Guarantee, which warrants the structural integrity of our products. Any materials that are installed and maintained to our guidelines, and subject to normal wear, that prove defective, will be replaced without cost. If you’ve completed your retaining wall project, register your project by filling out the form on our website to protect your investment.

If you are considering the installation of premium retaining walls, reach out to a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for a free estimate.

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Enhancing Residential and Downtown Spaces with Retaining Walls in Ottawa, ON

Retaining Walls for Ottawa's Residential Oasis

Transform your home space by pairing our retaining walls with the enduring beauty of natural stone. This dynamic combination offers a low-maintenance solution, ensuring a timeless aesthetic that remains as enchanting as the day of installation.

Retaining Walls for Ottawa's Urban Hub

Retaining walls serve as more than just structural elements; they become the artistic touch behind engaging outdoor features that build a sense of community. Customize your selection to match the distinctive requirements of your project, and we'll deliver the perfect product to bring your vision to life.

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How to Secure an Authorized Contractor in Ottawa, ON

One aspect of an outdoor renovation that is often overlooked is the task of choosing a reliable hardscape contractor. Recommendations from family and friends is a good start, but you want to work with someone who is not only dependable, but knowledgeable about the products they are installing. Working with a Unilock Authorized Contractor (UAC) means working with the very best in the industry. Our UACs undergo thorough vetting and adhere to rigorous standards of exceptional craftsmanship. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of Unilock retaining wall products, they stand by your side at every step, ensuring your project reaches perfection. Trust Unilock and our network of skilled UACs to bring your vision to life, backed by a commitment to excellence from start to finish.

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Retaining Wall FAQ

How can I tell which retaining wall products are suitable for a patio or pool deck?

Visit our Products page to locate the ideal retaining wall products for your patio or pool deck. You can apply an application filter to products by using the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page. Alternatively, when looking at a product page, you can look under the product description to see the symbols that indicate which application the product can be used for.

Do retaining walls over 3 feet need to be engineered?

We strongly advise using a licensed civil engineer for retaining walls taller than three feet. It's important to remember that different towns may have height restrictions, some of which may be as low as 2 feet. Make sure your retaining wall project complies with local building codes before starting.

How do I determine when I need to employ a half wall vs. a larger structural wall?

Choosing between a half wall and a larger structural wall depends on your project goals. Half walls are ideal for defining spaces, while larger structural walls offer enhanced support and functionality. Consider the purpose, aesthetics, and load-bearing requirements to make the right decision for your unique hardscaping needs.

Where can I pick up product samples?

Visit one of our local Outdoor Idea Centers or speak to a local Dealer to see if there are samples available for your specific product of choice.

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Working with a Unilock Authorized Contractor is working with the best of the best. Our UACs possess the knowledge and expertise to bring your dream project to life, and deliver stunning results that will exceed your expectations.


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