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Retaining Wall Options for a Natural Effect in Your St. Louis Landscape

If rainwater carries a bit more of your yard away each year, the slope of your landscape probably calls for the addition of a retaining wall. This hardscape element serves to hold back the soil and prevents the washing away of topsoil, which can be disastrous to your property over time. However, constructing a retaining wall does much more for your property than just protecting the topography. It also increases your home’s value and provides the opportunity to incorporate seating, greenery, and other design features. Vertical building units from Unilock makes construction easy while providing a number of options so that you can incorporate the style of your choosing. These four products are especially useful in incorporating a natural effect into your retaining wall design in your St. Louis landscape.

Cumberland Wall

When your goal is to create a retaining wall with a natural appearance, Cumberland Wall from Unilock offers a commanding natural stone aesthetic. This product creates a retaining wall with a chiseled, powerful appearance for your landscape and is offered in bundles that include three shapes, with corner pieces that can be included as necessary. Whether you intend to create a straight or curved retaining wall, Cumberland Wall units facilitate easy construction. Colors available include River, Sandstone, and Sierra, so property owners can select the one that best complements their property.

Estate Wall

Should you prefer a weathered texture that is no less impressive, Estate Wall offers the appearance of a quarried natural rock. This natural rock feel comes from more than just texture and color; the multiple sizes available create a more random and natural appearing construction as well. As with other Unilock products, the colors available speak to customization, and for Estate Wall units, the colors include Prairie, River, Sandstone, Sierra, Coffee Creek, and Fieldstone. Appropriate to tame a steep slope, retaining walls made from Estate Wall vertical building units fit naturally within a landscape.

The title image features a low wall constructed from Estate Wall blocks and coping.


Olde Quarry

Olde Quarry has a weathered finish with a more moderate texture than Estate Wall, yet the finished product remains a commanding, natural-looking hardscape addition. The units are available in three different sizes as well as corner pieces and complementary coping. Colors offered include Fieldstone, Coffee Creek, Prairie, River, Sandstone, and Sierra, so you can add some variety to your retaining wall design for a unique finished project.

Rivercrest Wall

Perhaps the most impactful of all options, this design speaks more to Irish village than castle gates, but the natural design is remarkably impressive. Rivercrest Wall is available in two tones, Coastal Slate for a neutral gray or Buff for sandy warmth. The texture of these units is extremely realistic. In fact, Rivercrest Wall is cast from real stone. The numerous sizes of building units helps to create an even more realistic completed project. When paired with Ledgestone coping from Unilock, this retaining wall offers a realistic, stacked flagstone wall that will fit within any landscape with a naturalistic theme.
Retaining Wall Options for a Natural Effect in Your St. Louis MO Landscape

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