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Retaining Wall Minneapolis MN

High-quality retaining wall products from North America’s most trusted and premier manufacturer.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Landscape with a Retaining Wall in Minneapolis, MN

If you need to build a retaining wall around the landscape of your Minneapolis, MN, home, turn to the quality products at Unilock. We offer a multitude of wall products that have been engineered to form highly stable retaining walls while still boasting a natural, weathered stone appearance that is ideal for residential landscaping. From the distressed, timeworn appearance of Brussels Dimensional Stone® to the clean, simple design of Lineo™ Dimensional Stone, our range of wall products can’t be beaten.

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Versatile Retaining Wall Applications in Minneapolis, MN

Unilock retaining wall products are known for their versatility. Our wall blocks are designed with tapered components, which allow you to construct both straight and curved walls in any application. Here are just a few places you can incorporate a versatile retaining wall in your landscape.


Stone steps, whether straight or curved, have the potential to enhance a simple landscape design. By adding a retaining wall to your front entrance, you not only delineate the pathway to your front entrance but also create a convenient seating area if the wall is built at a lower height.

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Garden Walls

A garden wall offers a visually appealing way to integrate bursts of color into your hardscape design. Ideally, the design of the wall should complement or enhance the overall architecture of your home. However, what sets garden walls apart is the opportunity to infuse your softscaping with a diverse array of colors, allowing your landscape to truly come alive with vibrant hues.

Structural Walls

If you're seeking a wall that not only enhances aesthetics but also serves a practical function, such as supporting embankments, elevating a pool deck or patio, or leveling a sloped yard, structural retaining walls are the ideal choice. Typically exceeding a height of 2 feet, these walls come with specific design considerations. For instance, structural walls must be positioned in the setback position, and if they are intended to bear a substantial load, they must be engineered by a qualified civil engineer.

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Readily Available Unilock Retaining Walls in Minneapolis, MN

Unilock retaining walls seamlessly blend the strength and beauty of concrete with the natural beauty of stone, delivering an ideal fusion of style and longevity. Some of our most popular Unilock retaining wall products include:

U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System : This revolutionary wall system can design many exciting vertical elements, and comes with a refined surface and long-lasting color of EnduraColor™.
Lineo™ Dimensional Stone: Features a simple design with a long, linear look, allowing you to easily construct contemporary walls, grill islands, and other vertical elements.
Brussels Dimensional Stone®: The appearance of weathered stone adds a contemporary touch to your hardscaping project. Ideal for garden and low seat walls.
Estate Wall™: The antique-textured finish creates the appearance of timeworn, natural rock.

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Benefits of Retaining Walls in Commercial and Residential Spaces in Minneapolis, MN

Premium Retaining Walls for Residential Use:

Known as the 'City of Lakes,' Minneapolis boasts an impressive 13 lakes within its borders. If you're fortunate enough to own a lakefront property, seize the opportunity to create a captivating backyard patio with a scenic view of the waterfront. Imagine crafting a sunken patio adorned with a central fire pit and a low seat wall, providing a perfect spot to toast marshmallows under the night sky and relish the serene lakeside ambiance.

Premium Retaining Walls for Commercial Use:

Minneapolis features a mix of historic and modern architecture, along with varied topography. Retaining walls find practical use in this diverse landscape by providing structural support, preventing soil erosion, and creating flat surfaces for gardens, walkways, or seating areas.

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Reasons to Choose a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

Constructing the perfect retaining wall requires a certain level of knowledge, skill, and expertise. When it comes to working with our products, there’s no one better to tackle a retaining wall project than one of our esteemed Unilock Authorized Contractors (UACs). Hiring a UAC means hiring the best in the business. Our UACs undergo thorough vetting and are required to uphold rigorous standards of craftsmanship. With an in-depth understanding of Unilock retaining wall products, they will guide you through every step, ensuring your project becomes a reality.

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Retaining Wall FAQ


What makes Unilock the go-to choice for retaining walls in Minneapolis, MN?

With over 50 years of expertise in hardscaping and the distinction of introducing the first paving stone to North America, our track record speaks for itself. Renowned contractors and designers consistently choose our products due to our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. We take pride in delivering durable and aesthetically pleasing products that stand unmatched in the industry.

Where can I go to see retaining wall products on display?

If you're curious to see Unilock products up close, there are two simple options. First, check out the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center—it's a great place for inspiration, whether you are able to visit in person or virtually via our interactive virtual tour. Second, you could visit a local Unilock Dealer near you. If you’re not sure where to find a dealer, visit our Where to Buy page and set your location to Minneapolis, MN to find a dealer closest to you.


What happens when a stone chips or cracks during installation? Am I covered under warranty?

Unilock offers a Lifetime Guarantee for paving stones and retaining wall units used on residential installations that are installed according to our guidelines. Any materials installed and maintained to our guidelines, and subject to normal wear, that prove defective, will be replaced without cost. If you've completed a retaining wall project using Unilock products, be sure to register your project on our website.

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