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Retaining Wall Minneapolis MN

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Building a Retaining Wall Outside Your Minneapolis, MN, Home

If you need to build a retaining wall around the landscape of your Minneapolis, Minnesota, home, turn to the quality products at Unilock. Although we have a multitude of wall products to choose from, there are several notable styles that have been engineered to form highly stable retaining walls while still boasting a natural, weathered stone appearance ideal for residential landscaping, such as our Roman Pisa® and Pisa2®.
In addition to their look, however, Unilock’s retaining wall products are also known for their versatility. Because our wall blocks are available with tapered components, you can use them to create both straight and curved walls. You can also use these stones to create:
• Steps
• Garden walls
• Planters
• Seating walls around a patio
• And more
Unilock is also known for its extensive selection of concrete paving stones for landscaping projects like driveways, patios, courtyards, outdoor kitchen areas, and so much more. Our Unilock Select™ pavers are available in a wide range of styles and colors, and they can be incorporated into our retaining wall and garden wall systems for a beautiful, cohesive look between the vertical and horizontal elements of your design. With Unilock Select™ pavers, you can add the look of natural brick, cobblestone, limestone, granite, and more to your landscaping with the affordability and strength of concrete.
For more information about Unilock’s retaining wall systems for homes in Minneapolis, MN, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to arrange a free estimate and expert installation from a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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