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High-quality retaining wall products from North America’s most trusted and premier manufacturer.

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Gorgeous Retaining Wall System for Homeowners in Green Bay, WI

Adding a retaining wall is an excellent way to enhance a residential landscape. If you want to improve the outdoor scenery of your home in Green Bay, WI, Unilock can supply retaining walls that will look beautiful and also last for years. Like our paving stones, our retaining wall systems are made to emulate the appearance of natural stones, giving them tremendous aesthetic appeal. But, made of concrete, they have durability that makes them perfectly suited for any application.

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Remarkable Vertical Features Using Retaining Wall Blocks in Green Bay, WI

Speaking of applications, Unilock retaining wall blocks are remarkably versatile. These blocks not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also serve a practical purpose, seamlessly integrating with your landscape. Consider the following possibilities:


Stone steps go beyond mere functionality, connecting your home's exterior to its interior. With retaining walls, you can fashion straight or curved step configurations, elevating the aesthetics of your landscape design.

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Multi-Level Retaining Wall with Pillar Dividing Levels


Whether adorning your front facade or enriching the backyard, pillars add a versatile touch. When paired with retaining walls, they can define outdoor spaces, serving as support for a pool patio pergola or creating distinct 'rooms’ in your yard. Pillars aren't just functional; they become canvases for captivating design concepts, accommodating integrated patio lighting, fire bowls, or vibrant planters.

Grill Islands

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a grill island! These islands can be designed for extra meal preparation space or positioned adjacent to the outdoor kitchen as a bar island for serving drinks and entertaining guests. Enhance your grill island retaining wall by adding bar stools, creating an inviting additional seating area.

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Some of our most popular Unilock retaining wall products in Green Bay, WI, include:

U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System - This revolutionary wall system can design many exciting vertical elements, and comes with a refined surface and long-lasting color of EnduraColor™.
Lineo™ Dimensional Stone - Features a simple design with a long, linear look, allowing you to easily construct contemporary walls, grill islands, and other vertical elements.
Brussels Dimensional Stone® – The appearance of weathered stone adds a contemporary touch to your hardscaping project. Ideal for garden and low seat walls.
Pisa Smooth™ – The clean, linear look of Pisa Smooth will provide a modern aesthetic to any landscape project.
And more!

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Sunken fire pit with retaining wall and softscaping
Contractor Planning Brick Paver Installation

Navigating Retaining Wall Installation Costs in Green Bay, WI

When considering a retaining wall installation in Green Bay, WI, it's vital to recognize that expenses go beyond just choosing materials. Typically, 20% of the total project budget is attributed to the cost of pavers, with the remaining 80% allocated to labor. This encompasses excavation, tools, and the execution of intricate design plans. The overall expense of your retaining wall project can vary significantly, influenced by factors like project complexity and site-specific installation details. For instance, shorter walls with longer lengths may incur higher labor costs compared to taller walls with shorter lengths due to the additional groundwork needed for longer structures. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the costs specific to your retaining wall project, we recommend collaborating with a Unilock Authorized Contractor. Their expertise ensures a thorough assessment and accurate estimation, providing you with the clarity needed for a well-informed decision.

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Hire a Retaining Wall Contractor for Your Outdoor Project in Green Bay, WI

Crafting an ideal retaining wall demands expertise, and we bring just that to your project with our Unilock Authorized Contractors (UACs). Opting for a UAC means more than hiring a contractor; it's securing the best for your project. Our UACs are rigorously screened, adhering to high craftsmanship standards. With a deep understanding of Unilock retaining wall products, they guide you through every step, ensuring your project comes together smoothly. Choosing us is choosing practical know-how and a commitment to turning your vision into reality.

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Curved Retaining Walls with Seating by Outdoor Fire Pit

Retaining Wall FAQ

How much do Unilock retaining wall products cost?

Unilock sells its products through a network of landscape dealers. To find a dealer near you, visit the Unilock "Where to Buy" page. Keep in mind that the wall products' cost represents just 20% of your project budget. Take into account additional expenses like labor, contractor fees, materials such as polymeric sand and after-market sealers, and tools for excavation and rental. For a tailored quote that aligns with your budget, consult with a professional hardscape contractor.

Do walls over 3’ need to be engineered?

Generally, we recommend hiring a qualified civil engineer when you want to build a wall that exceeds 3’. Keep in mind that certain places might have different height regulations, so it's always a good idea to double-check local building codes to make sure you're in the clear for your project.

What happens when a stone chips or cracks during installation? Am I covered under warranty?

Unilock offers a Lifetime Guarantee for paving stones and retaining wall units used on residential installations that are installed according to our guidelines. Any materials installed and maintained to our guidelines, and subject to normal wear, that prove defective, will be replaced without cost. If you've completed a retaining wall project using Unilock products, be sure to register your project on our website.

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Front Entrance Retaining Wall Block Planters with Lighting


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