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Retaining Wall Blocks for Adding the Look of Natural Stone to your Dayton, OH Landscape

Retaining Wall Blocks for Adding the Look of Natural Stone to your Dayton, OH Landscape


Adding different heights to your Dayton, OH, landscape can create a dynamic feel and structure for your landscape. Think beyond the purely functional features and add rural charm to your patio, or boost modern or traditional designs with Unilock retaining wall blocks that resemble natural stone. From exquisitely precise formal backyards to relaxed rustic designs, adding a retaining wall with a natural appearance will help you to create a peaceful backyard retreat.


Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall reproduces the look of flagstone, a sedimentary stone that is composed of layers of sand, clay, and organic sediments. Because of its weaker consistency, flagstone can start to show signs of degradation fairly early on. Some types of flagstone are extremely prone to cracks, flaking, staining, and discoloration. To achieve the color, shape and texture of this attractive natural stone, however, homeowners can opt for Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall offers all the visual benefits of stacked flagstone, coupled with the incredible durability of Unilock concrete wall blocks. Thanks to Reala Surface Technology, a manufacturing process exclusive to Unilock, Rivercrest Wall appears completely natural and authentic. Transform your backyard into a summer getaway with the subtle colors of Rivercrest Wall, Buff or Coastal Slate. Both colors are available in the Dayton, OH, region and can be used to accentuate smooth graphic pavers, such as Umbriano, or more textured pavers, such as Richcliff.

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Brussels Dimensional System

Aside from being used to enclose a patio or protect a property from soil erosion, retaining walls can be a stunning landscape attraction, housing bright blossoms, creeping vines or lush ornamental grasses. The Brussels Dimensional System is ideal for this purpose, complementing greenery with its subtle earthy colors and antiqued texture. The Brussels Dimensional System guarantees the structural integrity of your walls, pillars, and other vertical elements. Brussels Dimensional System units have been tested by homeowners across North America over many years, successfully enduring different weather conditions and environmental influences.

The vivid color palette of the Brussels Dimensional System can be used to create a central retaining wall feature that connects various structures and landscape elements for a cohesive look. The Brussels Dimensional System is designed to recreate the appeal of tumbled, quarried stone blocks and can be used to create both straight and curved vertical structures. Brussels Block pavers are an ideal complement for the Brussels Dimensional System, providing a good match in terms of color, texture and aesthetic theme.



RomanStack offers a beautiful split and weathered surface texture that will blend with the natural environment of your backyard. Available in three colors, Granite, River, and Sierra, this wall unit can be used to fill the entire backyard with fresh accents and splashes of color in the form of straight or curved raised plant beds. The weathered texture of RomanStack can be used to add texture to the landscape and complement the surrounding greenery with its decorative power. RomanStack’s wedge units ensure versatility and provide the ability to create meandering terraces, curved, heavy-duty retaining wall systems, and sweeping edges for raised patios and plant beds.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall and steps with Ledgestone coping.



Retaining Wall Blocks for Adding the Look of Natural Stone to your Dayton, OH Landscape

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