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Retaining Wall Blocks for Adding a Sophisticated Touch to your Pittsburgh Landscape

Unilock offers a variety of retaining wall blocks that are ideal for enhancing the beauty of your Pittsburgh, PA, residence. Retaining walls are great for creating layers to your landscape, and add a unique, modern or rustic touch to your home depending on the materials used. For the sophistication of a natural stone appearance, coupled with the dependability of concrete, look to these wall blocks for creating memorable retaining wall systems for your landscape.

The Elegance of Split Rock

Homeowners have always embraced the look and feel of natural stone in their landscape. Natural stone gives elegance to the outdoor space, and you can never go wrong by using retaining wall blocks that recreate that Old World look for your wall. With Unilock products, you can capture the look and feel of natural stone, while still ensuring the strength and durability of concrete. Estate Wall, for example, is one of the most popular and requested wall units because of its classic, natural look. Estate Wall is available in a four rich earthy shades including River, Sierra, Sycamore, and Walnut. As well as retaining walls, these units can also be used to build matching fire features, seating and low walls. Another wall unit that captures the distinct essence of natural stone is Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall offers the look of randomly stacked flagstone while providing a strong interlock for a dependable retaining wall.

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The Antique Appearance

Brussels Dimensional System is a popular choice for retaining walls because of its flexibility and quality coping options. Wedge-shaped tapered units give the Brussels Dimensional System superior versatility for creating curved, circular or meandering retaining walls; while its tumbled edges and timeworn appearance make the Brussels Dimensional System an excellent option for capturing antique elegance that extends throughout your retaining wall system. The Brussels Dimensional System is available in a large selection of colors that are sure to match the aesthetic of your home. Included in this selection are the colors Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sierra, River, Sandstone and, new for 2017, a deep earthy Brown.

Old World Visual Impact

For an antique appearance backed by a rugged, old world look, Pisa2 is a perfect choice. By using Pisa2, you can transform your backyard into an inviting, peaceful oasis where you and your entire family will be able to relax. In addition, Pisa2 employs a built-in setback design to automatically form the correct slope, resulting in high stability and dependability for more heavy duty purposes. The Pisa2 color selection is deep and varied with shades such as Granite, River, Sandstone and Sierra.
Similarly, RomanPisa provides a rugged, old world embodiment of strength. This bold unit is ideal for building retaining walls that make a statement. RomanPisa offers a large standard unit for high visual impact, as well as the versatility of tapered units for incorporating sweeping curves and meandering lines. Its split and weathered surface texture, coupled with its substantial size, give RomanPisa a uniquely old world feel reminiscent of ancient Roman masonry. RomanPisa is available in Granite, River and Sierra shades.

The title image features a Thornbury driveway with a Courtstone border, complemented by a Pisa2 retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Blocks for adding a Sophisticated Touch to your Pittsburgh, PA Landscape


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