Pool Patio Rock Island IL

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Pool Patio Rock Island IL

Pool Patio Rock Island IL

A Pool Patio Made with Unilock Products Will Look Astounding At Your Rock Island, IL, Home

If you’re interested in adding a pool patio at your Rock Island, Illinois, home, use Unilock paving stones to create a gorgeous outdoor retreat that will surely be the envy of your neighbors. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes, our paving stones will enable you to have a pool deck that suits your unique tastes. You’ll have practically endless design options, especially compared to the limited choices you’d have with an ordinary concrete slab. Plus, our paving stones won’t crack due to expansion like poured concrete, and instead, will maintain their beautiful appearance for a lifetime.

The benefits of using Unilock paving stones for the new pool patio at your Rock Island, IL, home don’t end there. You’ll also enjoy the facts that our products are:

  • Made with colorfast pigments, which ensures that the pavers will retain their beautiful hue year after year
  • Non-slip, which makes them ideal for the area around your pool, where you don’t want anyone to slip and fall
  • Available in light colors, which means they will stay cool and comfortable for you to walk on with bare feet
  • Resistant to stains, which will give you peace of mind knowing that spilled food and drinks won’t blemish your pool patio

Aside from paving stones, Unilock also offers every other product you might need to complete the pool patio of your dreams. These products include wall systems, such as our popular Rivercrest® Wall, which has the timeless aesthetic of stacked flagstone. You can use this product to build garden walls, planters, and pillars, and these vertical elements will give your new pool patio a comprehensive feel, making your backyard an idyllic setting for hosting family and friends.

To discuss how Unilock products will allow you to bring your dream of a gorgeous new pool patio to life, contact Unilock today. We’ll connect you with one of our Unilock Authorized Contractors in Rock Island, IL, who can give you with a free estimate on an outdoor retreat that will provide your family a lifetime of enjoyment.

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