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Paving Stones for Homeowners in Long Island, NY

If you’re looking for paving stones that are durable enough to withstand harsh weather and will look beautiful for years to come at your home in Long Island, NY, turn to Unilock. We’re the manufacturer that introduced paving stones to North America back in 1972, and we’ve used our decades of industry experience to continue manufacturing some of the highest-quality stones available today. But don’t take our word for it! Our paving stones can be found in the plazas at Citi Field in Queens, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and thousands of residential spaces across the region. So, whether you’re looking to build a new pool deck, replace your existing driveway or walkway, or you need paving stones for any other application, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Choose Unilock for Paving Stones in Long Island, NY?

For over 50 years, Unilock has been helping people create beautiful outdoor spaces that have become treasured places to build lasting memories. In those decades, we have transformed hardscaping through a steady stream of innovations and game-changing products. Many products look great when installed, but the difference in quality shows over time. That’s why the very best designers and contractors have relied on Unilock to supply cutting-edge paving and wall products that enable them to build extraordinary projects that stand the test of time.

Durability that is second to none

We don’t just aim to meet industry standards; we exceed them (American Society for Testing and Materials, Canadian Standards Association).

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Color that lasts

The refined surface of EnduraColor™ products is achieved with a two-step manufacturing process.

Unique Textures

Deep, rich colors and a multitude of unique Reala™ textures combine to deliver the timeless beauty of Unilock Elegance™.

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Which Paving Stones Are Available To You in Long Island, NY?

It’s one thing to flip through a Design Idea Catalog to look at products, but it’s another thing to visit a local Unilock Dealer to see what products they offer in your region. If you’re on the hunt for paving stone products near you, here are a few products you may find:

Beacon Hill™ Smooth: This version of Beacon Hill offers a smooth surface texture for a sleek, modern look, and boasts a more refined surface and vibrant color thanks to EnduraColor technology.
Courtstone®: The polished look of Courtstone brings a luxurious, old-world elegance to driveways, walkways and as a border and banding accent.
Umbriano®: The granite-like appearance makes Umbriano a popular choice for sleek, modern projects. Ideal for pool decks thanks to its non-slip texture, and is often used in driveways, outdoor dining areas and high-traffic commercial projects.
And more!

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Courtstone driveway pavers in Basalt
Modern Outdoor Unilock Fire Feature Table on Patio

Game-Changing Innovations Transforming Hardscapes in Long Island, NY

Aside from the multitude of paving stone products we offer, we were instrumental in introducing several game-changing innovative technologies to the hardscape industry in North America. Some of these technologies include:

EasyClean™: Unlike after-market sealers, which merely coat the top, EasyClean goes beyond the surface of pavers, infusing a factory-sealed coating into the product to deliver integral stain resistance for faster cleanup of spills before a stain can develop.
ColorFusion™: Color and granite particles are randomly dispersed using proprietary ColorFusion technology to achieve a unique mottled surface that resembles natural granite.
Ultima™: This proprietary technology results in pavers and walls with up to four times the strength of poured-in-place concrete, ensuring the look you purchase is the look that will last.

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Transform Hardscape Playgrounds with Paving Stones in Rochester, NY

Unilock paving stones stand out for their versatile design options. With a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and textures to choose from, the creative possibilities are practically unlimited.

Paver Patios

Bring your outdoor entertaining area to life with beautifully designed paver patios. You're sure to discover the perfect match with our extensive selection of premium pavers, which includes retaining walls, multipurpose outdoor kitchens, and more.

Modern backyard paver patio
Unilock Natural Stone Front Entrance with Steps

Paver Walkways

Experience the perfect fusion of function and aesthetic beauty with paver walkways. Define your outdoor space by incorporating beautiful border and banding features that let your sense of style shine through.

Paver Driveways

Whether you're installing your first interlocking driveway or giving your existing one a makeover, choosing Unilock pavers is a surefire way to enhance your home's curb appeal. Unlike poured-in-place concrete, which has fewer design and color options, our pavers come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that perfectly fit the architectural style of your home and the surrounding landscape.

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Why Visit an Outdoor Idea Center When Planning Your Paving Stone Project?

It can be difficult at times to picture paving ideas in your backyard. It might be challenging to choose a color for your home's façade from a photo, and there can be additional complications when deciding between different paver products and their respective qualities and purposes. Visit an Outdoor Idea Center for the best source of inspiration and one-on-one help. Take in a life-sized scene that features a wide variety of wall and paver items. Speak with a member of our trained team, who can assist in making product recommendations for your project and even provide you with complimentary samples to take home.

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Choosing an Authorized Paving Stone Contractor in Long Island, NY

One aspect of a hardscape project that is often overlooked is the task of choosing a reliable paver contractor. Working with a Unilock Authorized Contractor (UAC) ensures you are working with the very best in the business. UACs possess the knowledge and expertise to turn your outdoor living space into a stunning reality, and the business integrity to bring you peace of mind every step of the way.

Workmanship Inspection: Unilock assesses jobs in progress by the paver contractor, and three years after installation.
Proof of Insurance: Liability insurance and third-party worker’s compensation coverage are checked, along with an overview of business practices.
Customer References: Unilock vets homeowner references before a hardscape contractor is accepted into the program.
Annual Re-certification: UACs are expected to maintain the highest standards, and are re-certified each year.

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Paving Stones FAQ

Are paving stone borders integral to the overall design of an outdoor space?

Paver borders serve a dual purpose, enhancing both the visual charm and functionality of your outdoor space. Ideally, these border pavers seamlessly complement the neighboring field pavers, becoming an integral part of the overall hardscape design. Use them strategically to delineate the borders of spaces such as driveways or patios. When coupled with patio lighting, they not only add aesthetic appeal but also assist with seamless wayfinding during the night.

How do I know which paving stones are available near me?

To see available paving stones in Long Island, NY, USA, visit our Products section and set your region at the top of the page. The displayed products will be tailored to your chosen region.

How long do Unilock paving stones last?

Unilock paver stones are manufactured under extreme pressure to create a product with lifetime durability and aesthetic beauty. If your paver is not up to our quality standards, we offer a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee that warrants the structural integrity of our paving stones and retaining wall units for residential use. This warranty will cover the cost of replacing any damaged stones during installation. Color matching cannot be guaranteed, and replacement labor is not included.

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