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Paver Stones Minneapolis MN

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Paver Stones for Minneapolis, MN, Homes

Who better to trust for top-of-the-line paver stones than the manufacturer who first brought concrete paving stones to North America more than 40 years ago? Since 1973, Unilock pavers have been used by hundreds of thousands of contractors, design professionals, and homeowners throughout North America, and our products have become known for their unparalleled combination of strength and beauty. Our extensive catalog of style, color, size, and texture options will provide endless design possibilities. So, no matter what type of landscaping project you are planning for your home in Minneapolis, Minnesota—whether it’s a backyard patio, pool deck, garden path, or any other outdoor creation—Unilock will have the ideal paver stones to meet your needs.
There are billions of Unilock stones on the ground today, and that’s for good reason. Our paver stones are:
• Durable – With up to four times the strength of poured concrete, our pavers are engineered to stand the test of time. Unilock pavers flex without breaking, so they can even come out of freeze / thaw cycles unscathed.
• Low maintenance – Living areas such as wood decks need frequent care, like staining and washing. Our pavers, on the other hand, are colorfast and won’t require treatment or repair.
• Affordable – Unilock has paving stone options for budgets big and small, and our prices are competitive with wood decks and other outdoor living areas.
And, of course, our paver stones are also known for their incredible beauty. We have a multitude of style options available in our Unilock Select™ collection, including Copthorne®, which resembles old European brick pavers; Yorkstone™, which looks like natural, fossilized limestone; and many more.
Contact us today for more information about our vast selection of paver stones for your home in Minneapolis, MN. We’ll be happy to set you up with a free estimate from one of our experienced Unilock Authorized Contractors.

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