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3 Great Materials for a Paver Patio in New Jersey

Concrete Pavers, patio designs, Patio ideas, Toms River, NJ, Mount Laurel, NJ

If you’re thinking of creating an outdoor living space with a patio using concrete pavers, you will quickly find that there’s a dizzying number of choices to choose from. Here, we shine a little light on three concrete pavers that deserve a special mention because of their versatility and durability. These three pavers cover a wide range of styles and are sure to appeal to the aesthetics of your NJ outdoor living project.

The Umbriano paver is designed to exude the rugged look and smooth, slip-resistant texture of natural granite without the added expense of natural stone. These pavers offer a beautifully mottled surface of randomly dispersed flecks of coloring and granite particles. Featuring Unilock’s patented EnduraColor™ Plus surface layer blended from only the most enduring minerals, Umbriano is guaranteed to never fade and will maintain its surface even under harshest conditions. Combined with Unilock’s EasyClean™ stain resistance technology, Umbriano is guarded against marks and stains that would normally build up over time. Umbriano comes in a selection of unique colors including Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel to give your Franklin Lakes, Medford Lakes, NJ patio the mood you’re looking for. Still not impressed? Unilock put Umbriano to the ultimate test of durability with a regular paver as our control. After five minutes face down in muriatic (hydrochloric) acid, the surface of the regular paver was completely worn away, showing deep pock marks and heavy discoloration of the acid. The Umbriano paver on the other hand, bore no visible damage, proving itself as the superior paver you’ve come to expect from Unilock.

Concrete Pavers, patio designs, Patio ideas, Toms River, NJ, Mount Laurel, NJ

Richcliff pavers provide the perfect combination of elegance and enduring strength. With the authentic beauty and texture of natural flagstone, Richcliff promises to add class and style to your NJ patio. Because each Richcliff paver is cast individually in one of hundreds of molds, Richcliff presents a characterful surface of randomized texture identical to that of natural stone. Once again, Richcliff is treated with EnduraColor™ Plus anti-fade technology to ensure that your investment stays chic and striking for as long as your patio stands.

Concrete Pavers, patio designs, Patio ideas, Toms River, NJ, Mount Laurel, NJ

With its subtle, earthy colors and natural appearance, this concrete paver will lend a historical feel to your NJ patio. The relaxed tones allow plenty of room for creative accents and with three different shapes and sizes, you are assured random patterning suited to your tastes. The color range of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers can be matched to most color schemes and can be combined with other pavers for some striking border designs. Beacon Hill Flagstone will brighten up darker outdoor areas and provides an excellent backdrop to elegant black cast iron patio furniture. The rustic look and texture is the perfect paver for garden patios and complements natural environments of all varieties. The light tones make this concrete paver perfect for bringing a lustrous touch to your summer evening barbecues in New Jersey, while remaining comfortable to bare feet during those hot summer days outdoors.

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