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Paver Contractors for Homeowners in the Columbus, OH, Area

Are you searching for outstanding paver contractors in the Columbus, OH, region for your upcoming landscaping project? Look no further than Unilock, the leading hardscape authority in North America. Since 1972, Unilock has been setting the bar for technological advancement and innovation in the hardscape industry. Our paver contractors bring an unmatched level of experience and expertise that makes us the top choice for both homeowners and design experts. Trust Unilock to create a masterpiece out of your outdoor area that will leave a lasting impact.

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Embark on Your Paving Project with Expert Unilock Paver Contractors

Unilock understands the importance of skilled paver contractors in bringing your design vision to life. Our unrivaled range of paver styles, shapes, and colors empowers these talented hardscape professionals to demonstrate their expertise.

By entrusting our state-of-the-art pavers to knowledgeable specialists, you can rest assured that your project will surpass expectations.

Retaining Wall Installation

Our esteemed Unilock Authorized Contractors recognize the perfect fit our paving stones offer for various projects, including:


The paving stones in our EnduraColor™ product line feature EasyClean™ stain resistance that will help prevent spilled food or drinks from marring your patio.


The best pavers to choose for your outdoor patio, walkway or driveway design are made with Ultima™ concrete, which gives pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete so they can easily support the weight of heavy vehicles.


Whether you want a path connecting your driveway with a patio behind your home, or a walkway that winds through a backyard garden, our vast selection of paver styles are perfect for any outdoor project.

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Elevating Paver Excellence in Columbus, OH

At Unilock, we go beyond our extensive experience to distinguish ourselves from other paver contractors in the Columbus, OH, region. Our exceptional offerings encompass a fusion of remarkable products designed with both beauty and durability in mind.

Not only are our pavers incredibly durable, but they also boast captivating styles, colors, and textures. Among our impressive selection, you'll find:

Soreno™ - The flamed-like texture of Soreno boasts a sleek, modern look, with a fine stone structure that discretely highlights the natural character in every slab.
Richcliff® - Inspired by the texture of natural cut flagstone, Richcliff offers superior durability and timeless appeal for patios, walkways and even driveways.
Series™ - Unique surface texture and long-term performance makes it a popular choice for bandinbg and accents, walls and other vertical features.

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Hiring a Paver Contractor Vs The DIY Approach

While it may be tempting to take on a home improvement project to save money, we strongly discourage attempting to install pavers on your own unless you have proper DIY experience. To ensure a successful outcome that meets your expectations, it is highly recommended to hire a professional paver contractor, such as a Unilock Authorized Contractor, who can create a stable, long-lasting, and visually stunning paver project. Here are a few reasons why this option is better:

In-Depth Knowledge

Achieving a successful paver installation requires a deep understanding of materials, proper tools, and installation techniques. Professional paver contractors possess the knowledge necessary to execute the project flawlessly.

Careful Planning

Prior to commencing the installation, meticulous planning is essential. Without thorough preparation, costly mistakes are more likely to occur. Professional paver contractors have the expertise to create a clear plan that minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency.

Experience & Expertise

Paver contractors bring valuable experience and expertise to the table. They have a wealth of knowledge in proper paver installation techniques, ensuring that your project is executed with precision. Moreover, they can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

When selecting a paver contractor, it is crucial to choose one who is part of our exclusive program. Unilock has taken great care to select and vet our Authorized Contractors to ensure they possess the necessary skills and experience to install our products to the highest standards. By entrusting your paver installation to a professional paver contractor, you can rest assured that your project will be in capable hands.

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Qualities of an Exceptional Paver Contractor in Columbus, OH

When seeking a paver contractor in Columbus, OH, it's crucial to find the a professional who exceeds expectations. Consider the following key factors:

Expertise that Matches: Select a paver contractor well versed in installing the specific type of pavers you've chosen for your project.

Craftsmanship that Inspires: Ensure the contractor boasts a stellar reputation, renowned for their impeccable workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Tools and Materials of Distinction: Opt for a contractor equipped with top-notch tools and premium-grade materials, ensuring a durable and breathtaking outcome.

Assurance of Quality: Choose a contractor who stands behind their work by offering a comprehensive warranty, providing you peace of mind.

Proven Track Record: Request references from previous clients and explore online testimonials to gauge the level of service you can anticipate.

Our program comprises of paver contractors who meet our stringent standards of unrivaled quality and exceptional customer service. From start to finish, your hardscape project is guaranteed to be in the most capable of hands.

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Tips for Hiring the Right Paver Contractor

When you want to install pavers, you will most likely have a vision for the finished project in mind. Stay cautious and selective in your search for a paver installer to ensure the image achieves at the correct price and timing. Here are some points to remember for throughout the hiring process and while on the job:

1. Verify Credentials: Scrutinize the installer's qualifications and information, ensuring they possess the necessary licensing and insurance.
2. Validation: Consider paver contractors registered with the local Chamber of Commerce, indicating their commitment to professionalism. Request references from previous clients, gaining valuable insights into the contractor's track record.
3. Multiple Bids, Informed Decisions: Obtain a minimum of three bids, empowering you to make a well-informed choice.
4. Ask about Warranties: Inquire about the contractor's warranties or guarantees, safeguarding your investment.
5. Communication Prowess: Observe how the contractor communicates and addresses your inquiries, emphasizing effective and responsive interactions.

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