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Patio Pavers for Luxury Homes in New Rochelle, NY

When it comes to designing a sophisticated landscape for your New Rochelle, NY, luxury residence, every detail counts. The first thing to be considered is what the theme of your outdoor setting may be and choosing patio pavers that will accentuate the beauty of the entire landscape design. A certain paver texture, color or pattern may look amazing on its own but unflattering with the rest of your landscape. It is therefore always a wise choice to visit the nearest Outdoor Idea Center, select pavers that match the style of your home, and see how they complement your patio. Here are some of the options you might consider:

Natural Stone Aesthetics

Natural stone has the power to make a strong statement in luxurious homes with its charming, warm appearance. Richcliff is perfect for capturing the appearance of natural stone because of its deep flagstone textures and varied colors. With Richcliff, your patio can achieve an authentic natural stone appearance that will give your home a natural touch. This paver comes in three colors and features three unit sizes that give you creative freedom for designing a simple pattern that is visually pleasing. The shade Pebble Taupe offers warm undertones, while Dawn Mist’s cool shades give a patio a relaxed feel. Also available is a combination of the two that balances both warm and cool shades.
Beacon Hill Flagstone is another versatile paver with a subtle surface design that recreates the timeless look of flagstone. It is available in seven softly blended colors that are also great for creating accents and borders.

The title image features a driveway paved with Richcliff in a Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe blend.


Modern/Minimalist Style

With its long, clean lines, Artline pavers are ideal for a modern residence that leans towards a minimalist design. This paver tends to follow the sharp lines and symmetry of contemporary styled homes and never fails to create trendy patios. The color, shapes, and size options are limitless allowing you to design a unique patio. Artline offers the color variations of Steel Mountain and Tuscany in an Enduracolor Finish, and French Grey and Winter Marvel in an Umbriano finish. To complete the design of your patio, use borders in a color that complements the surrounding landscape and the patio itself. The borders can also be in contrasting colors which will break monotony and create visual interest.

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A Historical Feel

Courtstone is a paver that recreates the look of the streets of old European cities and villages and will give your landscape a distinctive old world charm. This paver is a flexible, durable paver, highly resistant to cracking, fading, and splitting. While a Courtstone surface appears irregular and natural, beneath the surface, the pavers lock tightly together to ensure incredible strength and efficient installation. This paver comes in the shades of Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe, as well as on-site color blends. Courtstone is also an excellent accent and border stone because of its deep, eye catching surface and can be used to highlight the base of features such as fire pits and fireplaces.

Patio Pavers for Luxury Homes in New Rochelle, NY


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