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Patio Designs: Concrete Pavers or Bluestone for your Toms River, NJ Hardscaping

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If you’re trying to decide between using concrete pavers or Bluestone for your patio design and other outdoor spaces, there are some important points to take into consideration. Both choices have their merits, but before you make your long-term decision, it’s a good idea to check which of the materials is best suited for your hardscape design and how you plan to use the space.

Bluestone and other Natural Stone

Many homeowners in the Toms River, NJ area are drawn to the authentic, natural look and feel of bluestone. Natural stone has a timeless appeal that is hard to match with other materials. But with these beautiful positives does come a few challenges. Depending on the installation method for your new patio, the cost of using bluestone can be significantly more than concrete paver patios. The construction process of pouring concrete slabs and footers, and then finishing it with mortared bluestone is a time consuming one for sure.
Another challenge that comes with using bluestone is the process of selecting and purchasing the stone itself. Because natural stone is quarried out of the earth, well, naturally, there are often large variances in color, cost, quality, size, and availability. This can lead to a confusing and frustrating purchasing experience for homeowners.
Luckily, for those homeowners that simply don’t want to use anything besides bluestone or natural stone for their patios, Unilock now offers a perfect solution. Learn more about how Unilock is changing the natural stone market for the better with Natural Stone from Unilock.
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Concrete Pavers

With their high strength and low porosity, concrete pavers are an excellent choice for Northeast homeowners because they’re resistant to the pressures of the freeze-thaw cycles found in NJ. Powered by advanced manufacturing equipment, today’s paving stones are consistent, accurate, and stronger than ever. Unilock is driving the outdoor industry forward with cutting-edge paving stones that offer incredible design possibilities.
Certain elements of a comprehensive landscape design are especially partial to the use of concrete pavers. Driveways are an example of this as strength is of upmost importance. Another example is the pool patio or pool deck. Because bluestone and natural stone can tend to be very hot to the touch when installed in full sun, many Toms River, NJ homeowners turn to concrete pavers for finishing the landscaping around their pool.
When planning your NJ landscape design, be sure to check out the possibility of using both concrete pavers and bluestone in the same design. Both materials have their strengths and limitations, but when utilized together, both function and beauty are realized.

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