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Patio Design Ideas perfect for Long Island Homeowners

Patio Design, Patio Ideas in Huntington Bay, NY, Islip, NY and Southhampton, NY

Long Island summers are best spent enjoying the great outdoors. Entertaining on a backyard patio with the soft breeze blowing is the perfect way to celebrate the evenings when the weather is nice. Whether a patio built using natural stone like bluestone and flagstone, or one constructed of concrete pavers or porcelain pavers, the outdoor living spaces of our Long Island homes are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. Here, we have a look at a few staples for great spaces, as well as a few not so standard elements for fun!

Fire pit

A fire pit is the perfect outdoor gathering point for evening garden parties. Reminiscent of the campfire, a fire pit provides a permanent stone structure around which you and your guests or family can enjoy the ancient pleasure of an open fire under the stars. Raised fire pits can be easily added to an existing hardscaped area and are relatively quick to install for trained professionals. The fire pit’s cylindrical form can be enclosed with permanent circular or semi-circular built-in seat walls or left open to allow guests to huddle in with movable lawn chairs. With the addition of a cooking grate, you can treat yourself to a flame grilled corn on the cob with the authentic tang of a wood fire. Now that’s a great evening spent in a great Long Island landscape!

Wooden Deck

The material used to construct your deck can be as rustic as reclaimed tobacco barn poles or as modern and low maintenance as composite decking. Whatever your choice, a wooden deck possesses both character and versatility. Sundecks are excellent for creating outdoor spaces on uneven terrain without the need for earth-moving equipment, or at heights where regular construction would be impractical. For seriously tricky landscapes, decking can also be multi-layered, meaning that you can convert wasted sloping yard space into usable areas. Decking is also relatively inexpensive and quick to erect. Practical benefits aside, wooden decks look incredible and will give any home rich visual appeal. Truly special landscapes often utilize a combination of materials throughout the design. Consider installing a deck that’s raised a bit off of the ground, and create a few steps that lead down onto a stone paver patio. Concrete pavers, natural bluestone or fieldstone, and wood or composite decking work wonders to transform your Long Island landscape when combined by a professional.

The 4 Seasons Room

A screened in porch, particularly one with a built-in fire place, is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor area just as much during the cold Long Island winter as you do during the summer. Floor to ceiling glass sliding doors trap in the heat and protect from the elements while taking full advantage of scarce sunlight during colder months. During the summer months in Long Island, you can let the outside in, by opening the doors and enjoying the free flow of fresh summer air. A screened-in porch offers a unique and characterful space that can be used for barbeques, dinner parties, or as a safe haven for potted plants during the winter.

Sleeping Patio

Be it for afternoon naps in the sun or summer evening sleepovers, a sleeping patio combines the comfort of the bedroom with the revitalizing effects of the outdoors. A shaded outdoor bed can turn any Long Island garden patio into a nap spot fit for a king or queen. Outdoor sleeping areas also make for excellent reading spots. What could be better than breakfast in bed? Breakfast in bed outdoors, of course!

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Moated Garden Patio

Why not couple your paver patio with a wrap-around water feature and transform your detached patio into an island surrounded by koi? A moated garden patio is both elegant and enchanting and is sure to transform a great garden into something magical. Moated patios can be designed to fit any kind of geometrical theme, and may include natural rock and a waterfall feature, or more modern sheer edges. Your water feature need not take up too much garden space either. Two or three feet added to the diameter of your patio could be all it takes to transform the look and feel of your Long Island outdoor space entirely. The addition of a footbridge will add charm and easy access to your moated patio and will serve to compliment your unique garden attraction.

Patio Design, Patio Ideas in Huntington Bay, NY, Islip,NY and Southhampton, NY


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