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Pair Bluestone With These Concrete Pavers in Bethlehem, PA

Pair Bluestone With These Concrete Pavers in Bethlehem, PA

Bluestone is a stone filled that has been used for centuries, yet is perfectly at home in modern settings. To make the most of bluestone’s character and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space you’ll love, pair bluestone with these concrete pavers in Bethlehem, PA.


Bluestone is a type of sandstone; its name derives from its deep blue hues, although each stone is naturally varied in color depending on the location of the quarry and also by the depth from which the stone is quarried. While primarily blue or gray, each individual paver may contain the famous deep blue tones, as well as light gray, dark gray, sandy beige, copper, rust, light brown, chocolate, green, or purple.


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Brussels Block

To complement the rich colors of bluestone and maintain an informal appeal, choose Brussels Block pavers. These concrete pavers from Unilock are available in colors that include a bluish tone (like bluestone), or you can go for a bold contrasting look with lighter pavers. The rough-tumbled texture of Brussels Block pairs beautifully with the texture of bluestone, and will pick up individual hues in the bluestone color family for a stunning look.

Use Brussels Block to create accents, borders, retaining walls, or inlays for a custom look using bluestone as the primary field paver.



For an old-world European look, you can’t go wrong mixing Courtstone and bluestone! Courtstone is a concrete paver from Unilock that is cast from molds of real European cobblestones. These pavers are an excellent option if your patio has non-linear edges, as the stone’s shape is well suited to curved applications. This makes them perfect for accents and inlays, too. Choose the dark Basalt color for a complementary look; or the Belgian Blue option for a dramatic look. In addition, the timeworn finish blends well with the natural texture and richness of bluestone.


Series pavers

To add a bit of formal flair to your patio, use bluestone in combination with Unilock Series pavers. The Black Granite color brings out the cool tones of bluestone. Together, this combination looks stunning next to sleek minimalist structures. Sold in random bundles of three varying sizes, you have plenty of design options when integrating Series pavers with bluestone.


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Town Hall

With a nod to tradition, brick-like Town Hall pavers from Unilock pair well with bluestone. The earthy color, and larger-format uniform brick shape lend a stately and substantial feel to bluestone patios. To pick up the subtle reddish or sandy nuances of bluestone pavers, choose Heritage Red or Heritage Clay; and to play up the dramatic blues, choose Basalt.

Bluestone hardscapes can be made even more personal by using any of these pavers as accents, inlays, or borders. You can trust Unilock to deliver durable, quality concrete paver products that stand the test of time, offer years of low-maintenance enjoyment, hold their color exceptionally well, and add value to your home. For design ideas, inspiration, or advice on how to design a patio you will love, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor near you!


The title image features a Brussels Block walkway with Series accent.


Pair Bluestone With These Concrete Pavers in Bethlehem, PA


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