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A Unilock Outdoor Kitchen Will Serve as a True Extension of Your Home in Toledo, OH

With a Unilock outdoor kitchen, you can entertain in style in your backyard in Toledo, Ohio. Perhaps, when you think of an outdoor kitchen, you envision a simple grill next to a picnic table and a cooler of drinks. Think again! Unilock, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of patio pavers since 1973, can help you design and create a gorgeous and functional stone-clad space that is perfectly suited for cooking, relaxing, and entertaining – a true extension of your home. Of course, the grill will still probably reign as the central feature, but you can include many of the very same conveniences you have inside – and then some.
When planning the layout for your outdoor kitchen, you might consider the following suggestions from Unilock:
• Cooking space – Are you an aspiring chef planning to throw elegant dinner parties, or do you simply enjoy flipping burgers and lounging with family and friends? Determine your “must have” kitchen components based on what you think you will actually use.
• Location – Ideally, an outdoor kitchen will be situated near the house to take advantage of existing utility lines and facilitate easy transport of food and other items. You’ll also want to consider access to sun, shade, wind, and amenities like your pool or lawn when choosing the perfect spot.
• Dining area – If you like to have a lot of people over, you’ll want to ensure there is adequate seating, and perhaps a separate lounging area with a fire pit, bar, or television.
• Lighting – Safety will be your first priority, so you’ll want to keep the cooking area bright and make sure the pathways around your outdoor kitchen are well-lit. Remember, too, that accent lighting can go a long way toward helping to set the mood.
You can rest assured that caring for your custom outdoor kitchen will be a breeze. That’s because Unilock will use attractive and durable pavers that incorporate innovative technologies to create a beautiful and functional area that is all-weather, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. In short, we believe in our paving stones, and our confidence in their structural integrity is confirmed by our transferable lifetime guarantee.
Contact Unilock today to inquire about an outdoor kitchen for your home in Toledo, OH.


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