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Outdoor Kitchen Saginaw MI | Bay City | Midland

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An Outdoor Kitchen from Unilock Will Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home in Saginaw, Bay City, or Midland, MI

With an outdoor kitchen from Unilock, you can create a space that is just as beautiful as it is practical in your backyard in Saginaw, Bay City, or Midland, Michigan. We offer premium pavers – the best on the market – to serve as building blocks for designing the perfect outdoor living area that you will use and enjoy for years to come. Indeed, in addition to being attractive, an outdoor kitchen from Unilock will serve as a fully functional entertaining area for your home.
Consider that adding a room outside is much easier than doing so inside. That’s because your backyard has no walls, ceilings, windows, or doors to contend with. When planning your outdoor kitchen, the first step is choosing the flooring surface. At Unilock, we proudly offer a complete paving stone system that is Designed to Connect™ with your individual sense of style. The process works like this:
• You’ll pick out a main paver from our vast selection. With so many options to choose from, you may feel a little daunted, but don’t worry – our friendly professionals are always available to help.
• You can select one or more complementary accent pieces, such as a border to help define a space, color banding in pillars or walls, or a paver “rug” design to delineate a seating area, fireplace, or barbeque in your outdoor kitchen.
• In addition to color combinations, you can choose from various paver shapes and border widths.
To help determine which pavers are right for your outdoor kitchen, you might consider a visit to our expansive Outdoor Idea Center in Brighton, MI, where you can see, touch, compare, and experience firsthand the wide variety of pavers we offer. Or, if that is not possible, you can request product samples from an Authorized Unilock Contractor. We have lightweight and easy-to-carry Uvision™ sample sheets, which are color-corrected and printed to scale, and we’ll be pleased to provide samples of actual pavers to facilitate your final choices.
Contact Unilock today to discuss an outdoor kitchen for your home in Saginaw, Bay City, or Midland, Michigan.

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