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Options for Cozy Fire Pits in the Howell, Lansing, Ann Arbor Area

While consulting with your landscape professional in the area around Howell, Lansing, and Ann Arbor, MI consider adding the construction of a cozy fire pit to your master design plan. Your landscape designer or Authorized Unilock Contractor can guide you through choosing among the various options that make it possible to customize this landscape focal point to make it both significant as a property’s focal point and complement the overall landscape.

Fuel Options

When you think of fire pits, you likely think of wood as the fuel source, but if you’re more of a switch turner than a wood gatherer, options that use natural gas, propane, and even ethanol as sources for fuel abound. Should you decide that the gas option is right for you, make sure that your contractor lays all the necessary lines before construction. Regardless of the type of fuel that you choose for your fire pit, Unilock wall stones for fire pits are able to withstand the high temperatures of an open flame and provide a rich aesthetic appropriate to your backyard.

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Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials, but you’ll find that Unilock offers numerous options that are ideally suited in both durability and aesthetic to achieve a warm and welcoming fire pit. These include Brussels Dimensional System, Rivercrest Wall and Estate Wall. For a pleasing finish and a unified design, consider the universal versatility of Ledgestone Coping. Your Unilock Authorized Contractor will ensure that your fire pit is correctly installed so that the finished product matches and exceeds your expectations.


For safety reasons, a fire pit should be far enough away from anything flammable that you can enjoy your structure with peace of mind. Overhead structures and plant-life should be kept at a safe distance. That said, a fire pit can be installed onto an existing patio or be placed deep into your yard if you’d prefer to enjoy the scenery of your landscape. Including appropriate seating and walkways is something worth considering and discussing with your contractor.


The size you choose for your fire pit is dependent on its prospective use and the number of people that might be gathered around it at any given time. For family use, a smaller fire pit will work, but for entertaining, the size of a fire pit can extend to around six feet wide. Anything larger can impede conversation across the structure, however. Don’t forget to include appropriate lighting, seating, and other accessories to complete your luxurious outdoor entertainment area.


Circular fire pits have the advantage of providing an even heat distribution to those gathered around it. They also provide an easy shape for incorporating permanent seating. But although the circular fire pit is a tried and true classic, feel free to break with tradition. Rectangular or square fire pits are also possible with Unilock fire pit blocks. These can be an attractive complement to a modern or formal theme, or be used to introduce form and elegance into a rustic setting.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall constructed from Brussels Dimensional System in Coffee Creek.

Options for Cozy Fire Pits in Howell, Lansing, Ann Arbor Michigan Area

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