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Non-Slip Pavers for Safe Outdoor Kitchens in Dayton, OH

Non-Slip Pavers for Safe Outdoor Kitchens in Dayton, OH


An outdoor kitchen is one of the most high-end features you can add to your home’s backyard in Dayton, OH. An eye-catching paver patio floor for your outdoor kitchen adds a luxurious feel that complements the area and creates a space that you might like even better than your indoor kitchen! But of course, safety comes first. Outdoor kitchens are prone to spills, splashes and slippery messes, and of course theirs natural precipitation to deal with as well. That’s why non-slip pavers are so essential. Here are our top picks for non-slip pavers to complement your Dayton, OH outdoor kitchen:


Town Hall Pavers

Town Hall is our first pick for non-slip pavers for your kitchen. Resembling classic brick street pavers, these pavers are compatible with permeable installation methods, meaning that surface water quickly flows down into the subgrade so that you can tread safely. Their weathered texture makes them a great choice to combine safety with style, and their brick-shape means plenty of jointing lines to provide tread, making them a good option for slip resistance. Available in a wide array of colors, including Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Heritage Clay, and Heritage Red, as well as Color Blend options, you are sure to find a reliable and stylish paver in Town Hall. Town Hall pavers are also ideal for high traffic areas and outdoor kitchens and dining areas with heavy pieces of furniture. This is because they are designed for strength with Ultima Concrete Technology.



Senzo is our next pick for a great non-slip paver that combines modern aesthetic appeal with safety. This high performance paver from the Enduracolor Plus line will stand up to harsh weather conditions and hold its color without fading through sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow. It’s also stain resistant, which is an amazing plus for an outdoor kitchen where spills are bound to happen. This paver comes in three beautiful colors, Nuvola, Castano, and Cremo, so no matter what color palette you want, we’ve got one that will match your style—and help keep you safe from kitchen accidents.

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Artline is an exceptional pick for an outdoor kitchen because of its EasyClean Stain Resistance, allowing the easy cleanup of stains before they happen, so you can cook easy knowing that any spills will not stop your space from looking its best. Several outstanding color options give you a beautiful selection to choose from. The Platinum color option also features a highly textured Il Campo finish, giving it a highly non-slip surface. Artline pavers pair perfectly with Lineo Dimensional Stone verticals for a cohesive look.


Il Campo

This brings us to Il Campo pavers. The brushed surface texture of this paver makes it an excellent non-slip option for outdoor kitchens, pool patios and other high traffic areas that are subject to moisture. Along with its vibrant surface texture, Il Campo pavers feature eye-catching color options, such as Heritage Brown, Dark Charcoal and Mocha, making it ideal as a primary paver for outdoor kitchens, as well as an attractive option for accents. Il Campo pavers utilize EnduraColor Facemix Technology to ensure rich, long-lasting color and a hard-wearing surface.

The title image features an Artline outdoor kitchen with Lineo Dimensional Stone grill island and Basalt Town Hall accents.




Non-Slip Pavers for Safe Outdoor Kitchens in Dayton, OH


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