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What you need to know about Fire Pit Coping for the Perfect Finish in the Omaha and Lincoln Area

As you create the grand design for your re-imagined landscape in the Omaha and Lincoln, NE area, there a number of hardscaping and softscaping elements that should be considered. One of these is a fire pit. Fire features are more than just a new trend in landscaping; it speaks to the human history of gathering around a fire, enjoying the company of loved ones and the warmth and beauty of the fire’s glow. One modern enhancement made to this age-old feature is the addition of coping. Here we’ll take a look at what coping is and how to incorporate it into your fire pit design and surrounding hardscape for best results.

What is coping?

Fire pit coping is the top-most layer of the wall that creates the pit itself. This material serves many purposes, most notably protecting the structure from damaging weather elements that could accelerate the deterioration of the jointing and binding materials. Because of the hardiness of Unilock products, this is something of a moot point. However, coping also provides a pleasing visual finish that unifies a design and can be used to incorporate contrasting or complementing colors and textures. Coping normally extends past the wall itself, providing additional surface area and a varied profile.


While coping serves as protection for the fire pit, it can also offer a surface to be used for practical purposes. If you’re interested in creating a seating area for your fire pit, matching coping can be used for both seating and fire pit to create visual unity. A smooth coping stone such as Brussels Fullnose coping, with its completely rounded edge and finely textured surface provides optimal comfort for both seating and a place to put up your feet when warming them near the fire.

Incorporating matching coping throughout your landscape

Coping can be used to complement and enhance any vertical feature in a landscape design, not only fire pits and seating. Steps, poolside surrounds, retaining walls, low walls, pillars and outdoor feature walls can all benefit from a matching coping option. For a universally compatible coping system, suitable for all of the above features and matching most outdoor color schemes, consider Ledgestone coping. Ledgestone offers a hand-carved look and is available in three colors, Buff, Grey and Blue. Whether you choose to focus on appearance or functionality, the right coping material and a color that matches your existing features can make all the difference and contribute to a long lasting and rich outdoor aesthetic.

Professional help

Hopefully, as you embark upon your backyard remodel, you’ll have at hand an experienced and trained landscaping expert who can assist you while making your decisions. We recommend an Authorized Unilock Contractor for best results. Whether or not you have an eye for aesthetics, a professional will be able to make helpful suggestions regarding which coping to use, where to incorporate it and what design might best match your home.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall constructed from Olde Quarry wallstone and coping, accentuated by pillars topped with Ledgestone coping.

What you need to know about Fire Pit Coping for the Perfect Finish in the Omaha and Lincoln NE Area


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