Natural Stone and Their Stunning Concrete Paver Alternatives in Central Illinois | Unilock

Natural Stone and Their Stunning Concrete Paver Alternatives in Central Illinois

Unilock offers both natural stone and concrete paver alternatives that are every bit as stunning in appearance as their authentic counterparts. In Central Illinois, opt for Unilock paver options, and your only worry will be the difficulty of choosing among all of the attractive and high quality options.

Limestone and Sandstone

Natural stone options offered by Unilock include Limestone and Sandstone. Quarried in Europe and Asia, these natural stones have a high degree of durability, even against extreme freeze-thaw cycles; they absorb little water; and offer high flexural strength. They are also precision cut and calibrated, making the laying of these natural stone pavers that much easier. The Limestone option offered by Unilock comes in either Black River or Winter Mist shades, and Sandstone is available in Autumn Harvest, Indian Coast, and Stone Cliff Grey. While these stones have many similarities, Sandstone has a coarser grain, lighter coloring, and is often considered to be better suited to pool decking; whereas, Limestone’s fine-grain texture is better suited to elegant patio areas.

Stonemark Concrete Paver Alternatives to Natural Stone

Unilock offers a number of alternatives to natural stone as well. Rivenstone, for example, can be substituted for flagstone, bluestone or sandstone, offering a naturalistic flagstone texture and colors indistinguishable from those found in nature. These colors include Bluestone, a warm brown Canyon as a substitute for flagstone, and Sahara as an alternative to sandstone. Yorkstone too serves as a parallel to Sandstone with its Honey Gold and sunny Iron River color options.
Since natural stone has to be quarried, its availability is often limited, making the price higher. With Unilock technology, concrete paver alternatives are manufactured with a higher durability in addition to a remarkable appearance rivaling that of the real deal. Because these concrete pavers can be manufactured without limits, the prices are much lower.
Both of these concrete paver alternatives are part of the Stonemark range and have an ultra-realistic texture created by molds cast from thousands of natural rock pieces. Not only are these pavers less expensive, with a stronger level of durability, the appearance is equally attractive and random as natural stone.

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Granite Alternatives

Due to its impressive look and visual strength, granite is a highly sought after natural stone. It’s also one of the more costly. As alternatives, Unilock offers a number of options. Arcana, for example, uses randomly dispersed particles of granite, quartz and marble to create an authentic granite-like surface. This paver is imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance and EnduraColor Facemix Technology for protection against fading and surface damage. Umbriano too offers a convincing granite look and is available in a range of stunning colors including Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel.

Other Unilock Products

From Brussels Block to Artline pavers, Unilock offers many options as natural stone paver alternatives. With the many options available, you can easily mirror the aesthetic and architectural style displayed by the home itself and continue that throughout your hardscape constructions. We offer an array of options that will meet your needs of paver surfaces regardless of budget, architectural guidelines, or preference of tastes.

The title image features Arcana pavers in Modena.

Natural Stone and Their Stunning Concrete Paver Alternatives in Central Illinois


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