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3 Natural Stone choices perfect for Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY landscapes

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As a homeowner in the Fairfield, CT/Westchester, NY region, chances are good you’ve noticed the increasing popularity of designer outdoor living. That is, the idea of creating outdoor spaces with all the comforts of our interior homes. You may have also noticed that a foundational element of these landscape spaces is a patio for which there are countless paver material options to choose from. For Westchester, NY/ Fairfield, CT homeowners, using natural stone pavers for your patio project is well, a natural choice.
When it comes to natural stone, the two main options that everyone uses in the Northeast are Pennsylvania Bluestone and irregular flagstone—but there are better choices! Here, we take a moment to shine a spotlight on three options from Unilock that offer unmatched performance and aesthetics that match perfect with the NY and CT surrounds.
Unilock Black River Limestone
With its deep color and dense texturing, limestone makes for a bold and impactful outdoor patio space. One of the darker shades available, Black River is perfect for enhancing the brightness of a home’s façade and accentuating the elegance of white or pale colored patio furniture. Exquisite contrasts can be created by using smaller squares of a lighter toned paver or natural stone as a border. Consider using the lighter shades of Unilock’s Limestone like Hearthstone and Winter Mist as a border or accent as they will bring out the greens of any garden and lighten up shady areas. The profile of limestone pavers can be further enhanced by filling joints with a complementary jointing compound.
Unilock Renaissance Gold Limestone
Offering brilliant shades of golden brown, this natural stone product from quarried in India is reminiscent of bright summer days and sun-kissed beaches. The coloring of this paver is the perfect complement to blue and turquoise, making it ideal for your swimming area patio or poolside paving. Gardens containing foliage heavy in purples, blues and maroons will be enhanced with the use of Unilock’s Renaissance Gold in a central feature. Renaissance Gold makes an excellent match for adobe style homes, but works equally well with dark brick facades and hardscaping. In fact, it will also complement the chrome and steel features of modern homes nicely. During Fairfield and Westchester Countys’ cold winter months, Renaissance Gold brightens up your yard and creates the illusion of warmth with its sunny yellows, while matching the rich natural colors of fall. Used in bordering, the Renaissance Gold paver will add warmth to cooler tones and break up the solid greys found in other choices for your walkways and patios.
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Unilock Autumn Harvest Sandstone
As its name suggests, a sandstone surface echoes the appearance of a desert plain or sandy beach. Sandstone’s inherent strength and resistance to environmental factors made it a favored building material of ancient times. Many of these ancient structures still stand, attesting to its durability and timelessness. Sandstone’s fine texture, bright flecks of color, and natural veins, make it visually rich with minute detail and subtle nuance. The typical whites, golds and yellows of sandstone can be used as a complement the dark colors of Unilock Limestone. Deep burgundy, reds and browns such as those found in brick and dark polished wood surfaces show some serious flair against a light sandstone paver, while more neutral tones in the environment can be brought out by pairing them with a more naturally ruddy sandstone such as our gentle Prairie Rose shade.
Natural Stone by Unilock is protected by Unilock’s incredible Lifetime Warranty. Not only beautiful to look at, Natural Stone by Unilock has been selected based on its low water absorption, freeze/thaw durability, and its flexible strength. View the collection here for more inspiration.
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