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Must-Have Features for your Fire Pit Area in Cleveland, OH

The fire pit area of your Cleveland, OH, patio should be, above all, practical, comfortable, and visually appealing. Adding a fire pit is just the first step of creating an outdoor space where you can spend the majority of your time outdoors. To make your fire pit area an extension of your home consider the following must-have features for added comfort and beauty:

Seating Area

Pleasing aesthetics make a fire pit an impressive visual focal point, but a seating area adds comfort and transforms it into an inviting space for your gatherings. Depending on the architectural style of your home and the design of the fire pit, a seating area can be anything from a few large chairs to built-in seating. Built-in seating is easy to plan because of the natural openness of the fire pit and is an excellent option for outdoor spaces because of its practicality and low-maintenance requirements.
Regardless of the style of your patio, fire pit, and landscape design, with the versatile concrete wall systems available from Unilock, you can design a permanent seating arrangement that will make a statement. The built-in seating can be arranged in a circular or semicircular fashion, above ground or in-ground for an interesting sunken look.
Rivercrest Wall, for example, is a flexible wall unit with exceptional beauty that reflects the look of stacked flagstone. Available in two natural colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, this wall unit creates a warm, welcoming appearance.
Estate Wall recreates the look of aged, natural rock, and is ideal for adding a regal touch to a seat wall in traditional and rustic landscapes. Estate Wall features four shades, River, Sierra, Sycamore, and Walnut, that will blend perfectly with the surrounding elements. With Estate Wall, you can create a complementing seating area that shapes the space and adds structure and character to your fire pit area.

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Coping and Accents

To construct comfortable built-in seating, you’ll need to choose a coping option with a smooth, fine surface. Unilock offers a variety of products, from premium natural stone coping to concrete coping options. Natural stone from Unilock can be used to create modern elegance, while the majority of the concrete coping options enhance traditional and rustic outdoor spaces. With its luxurious look and fine texture, Limestone will add a classic appearance to your fire pit area. Unilock Limestone offers the bold shade of Black River, perfect for highlighting the attractive features of both contemporary and traditional styled fire pits.
Concrete coping products, such as Unilock Ledgestone coping system, offer a natural appearance that works well with any type of fire pit design. Ledgestone coping has a fine texture and comes in two color options, Buff and Grey, suitable for blending with any light, dark, and mid-tone fire pit, seat walls and surrounding pavers.


An outdoor space needs proper lighting that will accentuate the features of the fire pit and the surrounding elements. It is important to find a balance between functional and decorative lighting. Accent the features of your fire pit by installing subtle lighting around the fire pit area, as well as within seat walls, stairs, and pathways. An illuminated space creates an inviting ambiance, boosts the curb appeal of your home, and provides safety.

The title image features a fire pit built from Brussels Dimensional System in Coffee Creek with Copthorne banding and bordering.

Must-Have Features for your Fire Pit Area in Cleveland, OH

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