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Matching Grill Island, Bar and Seating Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Ontario

Designing an outdoor area for preparing and serving food and drinks is a great idea for boosting the value of your home and increasing the quality of time you spend outdoors with your family and friends. When you choose products from Unilock, making the right choices when it comes to striking, matching options is made all that much easier. Matching Unilock wallstone for your grill island, bar, and seating in your Ontario outdoor kitchen is a great start to a flawlessly designed landscape.

Warm and Relaxed

Should your home be a traditional one, and your goal for your outdoor kitchen be to draw family and friends closer, you’ll probably prefer an elegant but relaxed outdoor kitchen area. By choosing Rivercrest Wall building units paired with Ledgestone coping, you’ll create an impressive yet comfortable area for congregation and entertainment. With this option, you can construct the grill island, bar, and seating wall with the same materials, ensuring cohesiveness throughout your outdoor kitchen space. Rivercrest Wall features the characterful, rustic character of stacked flagstone with all of the rich texture and variation offered by its natural counterpart. Ledgestone coping further enhances this laid-back aesthetic with the look of hand-carved edges and a smooth, finely textured top. The Buff and Grey color options of Ledgestone are the perfect complement to Rivercrest Wall’s Coastal Slate and Buff.

High End Coziness

For an outdoor kitchen that is immediately impressive but still cozy, you’ll find that a combination of Brussels Dimensional Stone and Brussels Fullnose coping work perfectly together. Brussels Dimensional Stone is incredibly versatile, with corner and wall pieces to construct any project regardless of shape or size. Moreover, Brussels Fullnose coping will make a smooth and comfortable seating wall for guests because of its rounded edges and smooth surface. This Fullnose coping is also ideal for pool edges and steps. Both products offer a huge selection of matching colors including Coffee Creek, Limestone, Prairie, Sandstone, and Sierra for creating a well co-ordinated aesthetic for your outdoor kitchen, making it easy to reflect the tone of your home existing features, such as walls, seating, or other hardscape elements.

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Contemporary but Welcoming

Modern homes can seem cold if the right balance of texture and color is not pair with the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic. To create a welcoming modern or contemporary design, construct your island, bar, and seating from Lineo Dimensional Stone with the universally appropriate Ledgestone coping to complete the project. You’ll find that the sleek lines and smooth surfaces maintain a modern tone while still maintaining warmth. The shades available for Lineo Dimensional Stone include the varied Granite Blend, the deep and intense Midnight Charcoal, Sandstone for sunny warmth and Sierra for earthy browns with blue undertones. Fire features can also be added to your outdoor kitchen to include warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor kitchen. The Lineo Dimensional Stone and Ledgestone combination are also ideal for this purpose. Whether you slide the feature into a patio wall or make it the focal point of your outdoor kitchen space, remember to take advantage of your vertical surfaces and create appropriate seating with smooth Ledgestone coping.

The title image features a grill island built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in Desert Sand with Dark Charcoal Unigranite banding.

Matching Grill Island, Bar and Seating Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Ontario

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