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Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Syracuse, NY Backyards

Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Syracuse, NY Backyards


The purpose of a backyard is to serve as an extension of the home, and provide a space where the homeowner can relax and enjoy the perks of an outdoor lifestyle. Because of this, many Syracuse, NY, homeowners strive to create low-maintenance landscapes that will allow them to spend less time conducting maintenance and repairs and more time enjoying their backyard. Here are some ideas to lower the maintenance requirements of your landscape:

Create Walkways

Adding wide, expansive walkways to your landscape design will reduce the amount of grass in your backyard – a feature that requires regular maintenance. In addition, walkways connecting outdoor spaces will limit the wear placed on what lawn does exist. Traditional architectural styles tend to go better with pavers that recreate the look of natural stone, such as flagstone or bluestone, so consider opting for something from the Unilock StoneMark range. StoneMark pavers offer ultra-realistic surface textures that are cast from molds of actual natural stone pieces.

Rivenstone pavers, for example, recreate the timeless beauty of bluestone and flagstone, with the Bluestone and Canyon color options, respectively. Yorkstone pavers, on the other hand, are available in the Iron River color option which reflects the beauty of natural sandstone. Rivenstone and Yorkstone will create impressive, low-maintenance walkways that will add charm and function to your property.

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Opt for a Gas-Fuelled Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your patio area will warm up the space and contribute a welcoming ambiance to your evenings outdoors. Estate Wall is an excellent choice of material for creating a traditional or rustic style fire pit and will add a regal touch to the space. If you are looking for a more modern design, Lineo Dimensional Stone will create visual interest with its clean lines and powerful, contemporary look. A gas fire pit requires less maintenance than a wood-burning pit, so is ideal for homeowners looking to reduce the labor demands of their backyard.

Choose a Raised Patio over a Wooden Deck

A raised patio will add a whole new dimension to your backyard design. A raised patio is a great low-maintenance solution for homeowners who don’t want to deal with all of the maintenance and sealing that comes with a wooden deck. The raised nature of this type of patio makes it ideal for capitalizing on stunning views. In addition, raised patios don’t face some of the design limitations of wooden decks. Raised patios, for example, can incorporate sweeping curves, multiple levels and support the weight of heavy appliances and structures, such as permanent seating and grill islands. .

For your raised patio design, consider the natural look and feel of granite achieved with the use of Umbriano pavers. These pavers present unique, mottled coloring, and their non-slip, stain resistant surface is ideal for both patios and pool decks, as well as outdoor kitchen areas. Umbriano is part of the EnduraColor Plus line, which guarantees easy cleaning and the longevity of the pavers. Gorgeous steps and walls are a must for raised patios. With Unilock wall blocks and coping options, crafting an authentic, low-maintenance landscape feature has never been easier.

The title image features a Rivenstone patio with Copthorne accents.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Syracuse, NY Backyards

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