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Limestone or Sandstone? Choosing a Natural Stone for your St. Louis Landscape Design

Choosing the right natural stone for your St. Louis, MO, landscape design can be a little bit tricky, but getting the one that makes the whole design come together is well worth it. That is why many homeowners prefer high quality Unilock concrete products that reflect the look and feel of natural materials. If you want the real deal, however, Unilock also offers high-quality Limestone and Sandstone. The quality of the stone plays a critical role in any construction. Unilock sources natural stone from Europe and Asia, with all natural stone products quarried and processed to the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. Unilock natural stone also bears the Fairstone logo which is a guarantee that no child labor is used, and that the workers receive fair wages and work under safe conditions.
Here are some of the differences and characteristics of each stone option to help you make the decision:


Sandstone can be used in many different ways. Homeowners enjoy this natural stone as a material for their patio, pathways and even high-end stairways. Sandstone also makes an amazing detail when included in borders and accents around your pool or other focal points.
This classic sedimentary rock is compounded from sand-sized minerals or rock grains and can be found in almost any color. The Indian Coast shade tends to give a warm, cozy, natural look to your walkways and patio. This color option is ideal if you want to brighten up the space and create an inviting atmosphere. Perhaps a more widely compatible color option is Cliff Grey that has rich textures and neutral elegance, ideal for both contemporary and traditional landscape designs.
The biggest disadvantage of sandstone as a natural product is its proneness to porosity. This can be prevented with regular sealing, but that can be a tedious job. Fortunately, Unilock natural stone products are made to survive freeze-thaw cycles, and are specially treated to ensure low water absorption and high flexural strength.


Limestone is a universal and timeless building material that consists of fossilized organic matter and inorganic minerals, giving it a fine, almost silky texture. This natural stone has moderate weather resistance and is unlikely to get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This natural stone is available in many colors, and is one of the most aesthetically versatile stones.
Unilock Limestone is known for its fine and subtle texture that tends to create a relaxing atmosphere in outdoor spaces. The Black River shade is a dark gray stone with silver tones. Dark shades like Black River are great for highlighting bright features. It is a bold choice that works perfectly in any modern setup, especially since it offers eight different paver sizes. Another color option available in the St. Louis area is Winter Mist. Its grey-silver tones are ideal for borders and accents as they tend to create an inviting, pleasant look. Limestone is an inviting construction material and if given care, will last for many decades.

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Which One is Right for You?

Both limestone and sandstone have a pleasing texture and rich color palette which makes them perfect for creative designs and patterns that complement the architectural style of your home. When choosing between limestone and sandstone, aim for a texture and shade that complements your home and landscape.

The title image features a front entrance built from Autumn Harvest Sandstone from Unilock.

Limestone or Sandstone? Choosing a Natural Stone for your St. Louis MO Landscape Design


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