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Landscaping Ideas for your Toms River, Wayne, NJ Patio

Landscaping Ideas for your Toms River, Wayne, NJ Patio
Homeowners often concentrate most of their attention on decorating their interiors, yet in doing so they miss out on one detail – freshening up the landscape can add strong value to the home overall. In Toms River, NJ, Wayne, NJ, and the surrounding NJ areas, adding to your home’s truly livable square footage with outdoor rooms improves the living experience, both indoors and out. Here are some landscaping ideas to incorporate into your backyard so that you can attain both functional and sophisticated outdoor spaces.

Natural stone

If you’re longing for a stylish, yet practical, touch to your NJ landscape design, consider using materials such as natural stone; the stone will allow you to combine the natural landscape with an intricate design. To achieve a unique finished project, it’s wise to use different types of natural stone as each one will be a special addition to your outdoor space. The look and feel that natural stone can provide is truly spectacular. Furthermore, creating a harmonious connection with nature introduces a relaxing and inviting atmosphere while adding a sophistication that only stone can bring to the party. Visit this page to learn how Unilock has revolutionized the natural stone market.
Landscaping Ideas for Toms River, NJ, Wayne, NJ

Concrete pavers

As we know, concrete as a building material is very much appreciated around the world for its strength and durability. It offers unlimited design flexibility when it comes to texture, color, and shape, which makes it the most versatile material for enhancing your residential landscape. Concrete pavers, interlocking pavement that is perfect for NJ’s freeze/thaw climate, provide plenty of cost-effective opportunities to achieve a durable and weather-resistant improvement to your landscaping. Consider using concrete pavers for your patio around an in-ground swimming pool, walkways, patios, and even driveways. View the Unilock product catalog here for amazing inspiration.

Outdoor fireplace

For those NJ homeowners hoping to bring a touch of fun and relaxation to their outdoor living spaces, incorporating a fireplace is a great solution. Both fire pits and fireplaces alike bring a warmth and ambience hard to match with any other design feature. A tremendous added benefit that comes with all this beauty is the opportunity that the open fire brings to enjoy the patio for longer each fall and earlier each spring. Be sure to incorporate wood storage close by to keep the fire going all through the evening hours!


Creating the Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit Room in Your Backyard


Water Feature

Formal fountains, naturalistic Koi ponds, and serene waterfalls are as classy and they are entertaining. Adding a water feature will bring a whole new sensory experience to your landscape design and, undoubtedly, it will transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat with the soothing and hypnotizing sound of trickling water. Working with a trained landscape processional in Toms River, Wayne, or a surrounding NJ community, integrate a water feature right into the hardscape design of your backyard. Doing so will ensure everything works together cohesively, avoiding the ‘pile of rock’ effect that happens all too often.
Toms River, NJ, Wayne, NJ Patio


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