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Perfect Landscaping Ideas for your White Plains, Somers, Bedford Hills Home

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In the idyllic surrounds of Westchester County, it’s no surprise that homeowners want to make sure that their landscape matches up. Whether you’re perfecting your front entryway design or remodeling your backyard outdoor living space, here are some gorgeous landscaping ideas to help you find inspiration for your home in White Plains, Somers, Bedford Hills, and the surrounding areas.

Add fun and functionality with an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to add value to your home and increase the amount of functional space in your landscape. The convenience of a well-equipped, properly designed outdoor kitchen is welcomed by the enjoyment this outdoor living feature can offer the active family. Much like indoor kitchens and how they often become the center of a home, outdoor kitchens are the perfect spot for entertaining guests and family under and open sky. They can can be built to work alongside existing patio areas and pavers, instantly making cooking for guests a social activity again while entertaining.

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Keep cool with a shaded patio

From freestanding pavilions to stylish yacht-like shade sails, adding some shade for your outdoor entertainment area is most always a good idea. Whether you’re wanting to provide comfort for your guests in the heat of the day, take a break from the sun after a morning in the garden, or enjoy a BBQ despite a sudden cloudburst, a good overhead covering will add protection from the sun and rain and keep your gathering from being washed out. A pergola or similar covering has the added benefit of increasing privacy in your outdoor areas and providing a sense of comfort and protection.

Add dimension with retaining walls

Retaining walls can be used for a great number of purposes, from reclaiming usable space by leveling a slope, to creating visual interest through terracing. Retaining walls can take the form of meandering contours that create flow in your garden or neat geometric sections to delineate your outdoor spaces. They can also be utilized for extra seating when entertaining large groups of guests or to create a cosy hollow in a hillside for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Retaining walls also have the practical benefits of protecting your garden against erosion and helping with drainage.

Footbridges for a bit of backyard whimsy

Footbridges have a way of capturing the imagination and inspiring curiosity as to where they might lead. Coupled with a water feature, footbridges can serve more than just an aesthetic function and can be used as a walkway to cross streams or get to an island in your pond that would be otherwise inaccessible without getting your feet wet. Mimic the antique charm of nearby railway bridges crossing the Muscoot Reservoir, give your landscape a country rustic feel with a timber arching overpass or go with a simple paved design. Footbridges bring welcoming charm to any Westchester, NY landscape design.

Define outdoor spaces with edging and borders

Separate sections of lawn and flowerbeds with edging. Edging can form a great floor plan for your garden and creates the feeling of separate outdoor spaces. Edging is a permanent feature that will keep the loose soil of your flowerbeds confined to where it should be and form an aesthetic border to your garden’s greenery. This can be done with the use of concrete curbing products like Belgium block or small retaining wall stone.
Landscaping Ideas in Peekskill, Bedford Hills, Somers, White Plains area


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