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Landscaping Ideas Inspired by Nature in Mendham, NJ

Creating a natural landscaped area for your home in Mendham, NJ, can be slightly difficult to define. After all, you want your landscaped area to appear natural and integrate into the native landscape, but you don’t want it to look wild and woolly either. You want your landscaped area to be easy to navigate, inviting to visitors, and offer that exquisite feeling of relaxation you get from a walk in nature. The secret lies in the correct blend of natural looking pavers, organic lines, and natural elements.
The idea is to incorporate native plants into a well designed landscape. Avoid random informality, and stick to the highly ordered form of real natural growth. The following are just a few ideas on how to integrate a natural look into the aesthetic of a your landscape.

Meandering Path Lined by Lavender

Lavender is sweet smelling and a very hardy plant that grows well in Mendham. Think of surrounding an old-world cobblestoned path with lavender. When designing the path, consider Unilock Camelot pavers as a viable paving option. These pavers are slightly rounded, and the textured finish give a meandering path that typical cobblestone look, but with an elegant modern twist. Lining the path with lavender plants will add that touch of real nature to your landscaped areas. Visitors will love the tranquil feeling they get from the lovely lavender aroma as they walk down the path to the house, or another landscape feature you integrate into the outdoor area.

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A Garden Trellis Entry

Add vines or fragrant blooming plants to a garden trellis along a pathway giving entrance to an intimate patio. Think of designing a meandering pathway leading towards the trellis and intimate sitting area. Design these areas using naturally textured stone pavers. Unilock Brussels Block is an ideal selection as these pavers have that antique rock feel but with a texture and color that add timeless warmth to a garden. This type of design lends the relaxed appearance of natural quarried stone to the outdoor area, giving it a more natural look. Lead the path up to the trellis and patio for the intimate feel of a charming country cottage garden.

A Functional Kitchen Garden

Natural does not have to be specific to the use of native plants. A good way to integrate that natural feel into your outdoor areas is to add a functional kitchen cottage garden. Think of oval garden beds filled with all kinds of luscious edibles. Make the area stand out by adding low garden walls to define the kitchen garden. Use oval elevated garden beds defined by pavers to create the old cottage garden charm. Vertical Unilock wall units great for this project include the likes of Brussels Dimensional System. This type of wallstone makes an excellent choice for curved walls, garden beds, and even steps up to your garden area. It has a natural stone texture and aesthetic that will accent the natural feel of your overall outdoor design.

The title image features a front walkway paved with Courtstone from Unilock.

Landscaping Ideas Inspired by Nature in Mendham, NJ


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