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Landscaping Ideas for Homes with Simply Massive Backyards in Medford Lakes, NJ

Landscaping Ideas for Homes with Simply Massive Backyards in Medford Lakes, NJ


If there’s one thing homeowners in Medford Lakes, NJ, are blessed with, it’s space. And the mark of an excellent landscape contractor is being able to make full use of wide open areas to maximize the potential of the property. Here are some of the ways this can be achieved using hardscaping techniques:


Use Large Format Pavers

Large format pavers can help a hardscape design maintain a balanced sense of scale in the context of a large property. Pavers such as the Beacon Hill Flagstone XL Unit can not only help cover more area, faster, they also create an aesthetic that meshes with large, expansive spaces. The speed and efficiency that this paver can be used to cover vast areas can also be greatly increased by utilizing the UniLyft by Unilock. UniLyft is a paver laying assist machine that uses a system of air pressure and vacuum to render these hefty pavers virtually weightless, and allows a single crew member to lay up to 10 Sq. Ft. of pavers per minute.

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Create Wide, Meandering Walkways

Making full use of the space entails taking the proportions and boldness of common landscape features up a notch. Wide, meandering walkways create a balanced sense of scale and provide a sense of flow that mimics the natural lay of the land. They will also encourage people crossing the yard to slow down and enjoy the impressive views surrounding them.


Include Sweeping Curves and Arcs

In the same way, incorporating sweeping curves and arcs into the shapes and edges of hardscape features such as patios, steps and pools can help to make the design more expressive. This can be accentuated with use of vibrant border pavers. Il Campo pavers, for example, provide all of the rich texture and brilliant color needed to define outdoor areas and highlight features.

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Incorporate Rugged Textures and Earthy Colors

Rugged textures and earthy colors can help to anchor a large hardscape design, and make it appear more harmonious with the surroundings. Pavers with embossed surfaces, such as Richcliff, with its naturalistic flagstone surface texture and welcoming color options, provides an excellent foundation for a patio that may otherwise be lost in the sheer vastness of the space surrounding it.


Break Up the Space

To ensure that a large design does not become too diffuse and that intimacy is not lost in the spaces created by it, the space can be broken up into smaller outdoor rooms with a more human scale. This can also help to make focal points more effective and create a sense of comfort. One ideal way of separating outdoor spaces, particularly in large yards where a sense of openness can be advantageous, is by incorporating multiple levels into the patio design. For the vertical facings of the drops, consider the rugged textures of Estate Wall for the natural look of ledge rock. Wide steps can be used to connect the various levels. Consider a safe and attractive coping option, such as Brussels Fullnose, for this purpose. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are available in nine different color options to match any color scheme for your design.

The title image features a Richcliff patio with Il Campo accents, Estate Wall verticals, and Brussels Fullnose step coping.


Landscaping Ideas for Homes with Simply Massive Backyards in Medford Lakes, NJ


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