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Landscaping Ideas for Creating Striking Focal Points and Features in Westchester County

Excluding focal points from your landscape can result in a flat, monotonous design. Highlighting certain features does not detract from the rest of your Westchester County, NY, landscape, but rather enhances the entire area by adding interest and order to the design. Your focal features can pinpoint the different outdoor rooms within your patio, while noticeable features like benches and water features scattered along a walkway can act as small destinations of their own. Consider some of the following landscaping techniques and ideas when creating focal features within your landscape.

Paver patterns

Laying your patio pavers in intricate patterns can personalize the surface and make it more captivating. There are certain patterns perfect for linear pavers or brick shape pavers such as Unilock Copthorne pavers. These laying patterns include herringbone or basket weave designs. These complex interlocks tend to grab one’s attention and create a focal point out of the paved surface. Circular paver patterns can draw attention to a single point within a paved surface. Different types of pavers can be used to create concentric circles that guide the eye to their center. Cobblestone-style pavers such as Unilock Courtstone are ideal for this. Consider adding a motif to the center for a personalized touch.


The way in which you install your landscape lighting can create focal points that are unobtrusive during the day, yet come alive at night. Select a few beautiful sculptures or plants within your landscape and place a lighting fixture at each of their bases, angled upwards. This technique, known as uplighting, serves to illuminate certain features so that they stand out among the rest. Homeowners often use uplighting to draw attention to the leaves and branches of small trees or shrubs within their landscape. Consider using landscape lighting to cast the silhouettes of plants with interesting shapes on a wall.

Contrasting the hardscape and softscape

Create focal points out of your natural vegetation by surrounding prominent features with pavers. A large tree in the middle of a poolside patio, for example, can add a distinct tropical flair to the space. Yield to the natural shape of your softscape and build around the plants you want to keep. This will result in a network of meandering patios and walkways unique to your particular landscape. Consider opting for sandy colored pavers to highlight both greenery and the turquoise of swimming pools. Brussels Block in the Sandstone color variation is ideal for this purpose.

Incorporating natural elements into your hardscape features

Water features, fireplaces and fire pits never fail to assume the center of attention. Water features are ideal additions to relaxing getaways shrouded in vegetation, contributing the tranquil sound of running water to the space. Fire features, on the other hand, are good for entertaining as they enhance the evening ambience and warm the chilly evening air. A fire pit can be enclosed by a low seat wall or formation of comfortable chairs, inviting others to gather around it and enjoy its warmth. Consider incorporating a the look of natural stone with Rivercrest Wall, which bears the classic look and feel of stacked flagstone.

The title image features a water feature built from Brussels Dimensional System with a Brussels Block patio.

Landscaping Ideas for Creating Striking Focal Points and Features in Westchester County NY


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