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Top 5 Landscaping Ideas for Brewster, NY

Having that extra space outdoors, be it at the front or back, is an opportunity to make your property more appealing and inviting in the Brewster, NY area. Landscaping is more than just a luxury. Due to its several benefits and value-adding features, it is almost a necessity to have a variety of gardens and outdoor rooms.
There are several trends going around but not everything works for every type of outdoor space. Here are the top 5 ideas you can consider to make your landscape truly breathtaking and functional.

Add a Water Feature

Moving water is such a relaxing element and it goes well with any type of garden type and size. Wonderful as it may be, it needs to be planned out well for it to be a sound landscape investment. For those who have time to maintain their garden or those who can afford to hire a dedicated gardener, custom water features are a great landscaping idea. These focal points can be one-of-a-kind fountains, extravagant ponds, or free-flowing pondless waterfalls. For those in search of low-maintenance solutions, more manageable birdbaths—or even something as simple as a tabletop water garden—are features that pack a big punch.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

A lot of people love to enjoy staying just right outside their door to hang out with family and friends, read a book, or to merely enjoy being one with nature. To optimize the outdoor experience, it is highly recommended to turn a part of your property into an outdoor living room. This can be a gazebo, an outdoor dining area, a patio, a minibar, or a simple bench underneath a tree. It is important to consider the four seasons in the Brewster, NY area. For the sometimes rainy spring season, you may want have a roof to protect your outdoor living room from the elements. If you love to throw parties or host gatherings, make sure that there are several seating options available for guests.

Outdoor Fire Pits

A fire pit is a type of hardscape feature that offers a place for creating a fire, be it for warmth, illumination, or even roasting marshmallows. A fire pit can be located at patio level or something built above-ground with retaining wall stone. Many manufacturers offer concrete products that are perfect for creating fire pits as they are heat resistant and offer the ability to integrate a steel ring or bowl. While you are at it, why not build fixed sitting elements around the fire pit using complimenting wallstone? Seating walls will help to create a uniform beauty outdoors while being functional in the process. For more ideas, view photos of Unilock fire pits here.

Walkways and Stone Paths

Walking around the garden becomes a thrill when you walk on walkways or paths. These walkways can be as informal as loose 3/8” decorative stone or something more functional and durable like a meandering paver walkway. For paths on grass, use large pieces of flagging or bluestone placed strategically a few inches apart from one another. There are several benefits to having these incorporated into a landscape. One is that it keeps grass and gardens separated. Another is that it provides a path for moving items with wheels, such as strollers, wagons, mowers, and more without getting mud or grass stuck into one or all of the wheels. Last but not the least, it adds beauty and character to any outdoor space.

Modern Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens—much like traditional gardens—make use of plants. The difference is that instead of having them laid out on beds and pots around the ground level areas of a landscape design, these vertical features are arranged in a hanging position. Most gardens of this type are assembled on walls, fences, or trellises. Although this concept came about to cater those who want gardens but have minimal outdoor space, it is also becoming widely adapted in larger, wider landscapes. Often, this would use smaller, potted plants or vines as they need to be light enough to hang conveniently. A good idea is to create a vertical garden of herbs or small flowering plants.
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