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Landscape Stones and Patio Pavers Des Moines, IA

High-quality landscape stone from North America’s most trusted and premier manufacturer.

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Top-Notch Landscape Stone Products in Des Moines, IA

If you need landscape stone to create a new driveway, patio, pool deck, courtyard, or any other outdoor project for your home in Des Moines, IA, Unilock pavers are simply unsurpassed. As the first manufacturer to introduce concrete paving stones to North America in 1972, we have continued to lead the industry by developing innovations that produce pavers with unmatched beauty and durability. Choosing Unilock means opting for a top-tier outdoor space that lasts for years.

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Transform Your Landscape with the Unmatched Beauty of Elegance

At Unilock, we marry strength and beauty in our Elegance™ collection. Realistic textures crafted from molds of actual surfaces (Reala™) paired with the robust Ultima™ concrete provide unparalleled strength—up to four times that of poured-in-place concrete. Elegance delivers unique styles in a package of unmatched durability.

Our Elegance collection includes:

Town Hall®: The substantial proportions and unique color blending of Town Hall is modeled after historic North American clay street pavers, which makes it a popular choice for driveways, patios, and walkways in either a traditional or permeable application.

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Courtstone driveway pavers in Basalt

Cophorne®: Inspired by the rich color and timeworn beauty of European street pavers, Copthorne offers timeless beauty for driveways, walkways, patios, vertical feature accents, and more.

Courtstone®: The polished look of Courtstone brings a luxurious, old-world elegance to driveways and walkways, and as a border and banding accent.

Richcliff®: Inspired by the texture of natural cut flagstone, Richcliff offers superior durability and timeless appeal for patios, walkways, and even driveways when utilizing the Random bundle.

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How Landscape Stone Can Be Used in Various Applications in Des Moines, IA

Landscape stone from Unilock is incredibly versatile and has been used in the design of world-class outdoor spaces across North America. From sprawling urban plazas to quaint residential abodes, Unilock offers a variety of styles, textures, shapes, and colors to allow you to craft the hardscape application of your dreams.

Backyard patio

Take your ordinary backyard patio and turn it into an extraordinary outdoor haven. Our landscape stone products can be paired with several vertical elements, like a cozy fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or TV wall, to become a truly unique extension of your home.

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Pool Deck

Make a splash in your backyard pool deck design with landscape stone options from Unilock. We offer several paver products with textured surfaces perfect for pool decks, such as the silky, matte Arcana™, or the charming flagstone texture of Beacon Hill™ Flagstone. What's more, our landscape stone products are engineered to withstand the effects of chlorine, so you can enjoy both style and durability while creating waves.


There’s no better way to make a first impression than by utilizing Unilock landscape stone along your paver driveway. Opt for landscape stone pavers equipped with EasyClean™, which helps provide integral stain resistance against dirt, debris, and oil stains caused by vehicular traffic.

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Why Outdoor Idea Centers Are Essential for Your Landscape Stone Project

Sometimes it’s hard to envision landscape stone concepts in your outdoor space. The best way to find inspiration and get personalized assistance with your outdoor hardscaping project is to visit a Unilock Idea Center.

See: Stroll through our expansive display of Unilock products in a life-sized outdoor setting.
Talk: Speak with our knowledgeable staff, and we’ll help you create a plan to achieve the outdoor space you’re dreaming about.
Receive: Receive FREE product samples of Unilock paver and wall products to compare with your existing landscape. You’ll feel more confident that you’re making the right choice.
Take a Virtual Tour: Visit one of our local Outdoor Idea Centers anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your living room! Take our interactive virtual tour to see the many design options available with different products.

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Why Opting for an Authorized Contractor in Des Moines, IA Outshines the DIY Route

Embarking on a DIY landscape stone project? While it offers cost-efficiency, ensuring the job is done right is paramount. Collaborating with a Unilock Authorized Contractor (UAC) guarantees access to the knowledge and expertise of elite hardscape professionals. Let us help you to transform your outdoor dream into a reality, with business integrity that brings peace of mind at every step.

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Landscape Stone FAQ

How long do Unilock landscape stones last?

Unilock landscape stones are designed under extreme pressure to create a product with heightened durability and strength. If your paver is not up to our quality standards, we offer a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee that will cover the cost of replacing any damaged products during installation. Be sure to visit our website to register your project for the guarantee.

Should I seal my landscape stones?

Sealing is a personal preference as it is generally used to enhance or deepen the color of pavers, as well as protect the surface against staining. Unilock products are designed to look good, with or without a sealer. If you do choose to seal, we typically recommend reapplying the sealer every 3-5 years, as it does wear with time.

How can I determine how much product I will need for my project?

Unilock Authorized Contractors can access the Speed-Calc™, a special paver and wall calculator that’s free and easy to use, which can help to determine just how many bundles and partial bundles you will need for your outdoor project. It’s important to account for potential scrap materials and to have the extra product on hand in case a stone gets cracked or chipped during installation.

How can I know if the product I choose is suitable for a pool deck, driveway, or patio project?

To ensure the perfect fit for your pool deck, driveway, or patio project, visit our Paver Products page. Easily filter products by application and delve into individual product pages for comprehensive details on the ideal use for each paver. This way, you make a confident choice, steering clear of mismatched products for your specific project needs.

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Explore endless design possibilities through our Design Idea Catalog. Browse our extensive portfolio of paver and wall products, and get inspired by our outstanding design projects that will fuel your creative expression.


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Experience the beauty and quality of Unilock paver and wall products in a life-sized setting by visiting a local Outdoor Idea Center. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions and offer free product samples.

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