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Landscape Ideas for Creating a Tropical Oasis in the Quad Cities

Landscape Ideas for Creating a Tropical Oasis in the Quad Cities


Regardless of budget constraints or a lack of open space, there are various ways to bring a natural, tropical atmosphere into your landscape in the Quad Cities. One way to add a tropical touch to your landscape is by installing a free-form pool, pond or water feature to incorporate the silky textures and tranquil sounds of moving water into the overall design. Here are a few other ideas that can contribute towards a relaxing backyard oasis.


Natural stone for an exotic touch

Natural stone is renowned for its luxurious look and feel – to the extent that it adds a great boost to the value of any property. Alongside a great reputation comes the kind of durability attained from centuries of withstanding the forces of nature. The wide compatibility of most varieties of natural stone also enable them to complement a variety of hardscape designs. Sandstone from Unilock, for example, is available in a sunny Autumn Harvest color option and a neutral Stone Cliff Grey variation, both of which are 100% compatible with the color palette of any chic modern hardscape. Sandstone in Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast is also an excellent candidate for homeowners seeking to create a warm, tropical aesthetic. The color and texture of Sandstone emulates that of sea sand and feels wonderful beneath bare feet.

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The right pavers for the job

Unilock also offers various concrete pavers designed to enhance the resort-like look and feel of a modern backyard getaway. Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, will add the natural look of authentic stone and the unbeatable durability of concrete to your landscape simultaneously. These pavers will help you to create a relaxed atmosphere and captivating poolside or patio. The Bavarian color variation, for example, pairs stunningly with the deep blue hues of pools and ponds, as well as the vibrant greens found in the surrounding softscape.

Umbriano pavers are the absolute favourite candidate for contemporary hardscapes. They have sleek surfaces that mimic the appearance of natural granite, granting a sense of luxury to any poolside or patio. They are excellent at creating impressive, resort-like hardscapes that seem to belong to far-off holiday retreats. Pair a surface comprised of Summer Wheat pavers with an extravagant inground pool and comfortable outdoor recliners to achieve the epitome of sophistication and relaxation.


A customized pool

There are plenty of ways to customize an inground pool and create an aquatic oasis. For example, a curved pool that yields to any existing plant life and the natural contours of the landscape will have a far more natural appearance than a geometric pool design. Allow your pool to curve around large boulder and trees, creating charming islands that can be explored. If you simply don’t have the space to install a free-form pool, rest assured that incorporating plenty of vegetation and exotic textures around your geometric pool can also achieve the tropical look and feel you desire – with a contemporary twist!

Various customizations, like poolside waterfalls and vanishing edges, enhance the exotic quality of a pool. A vanishing edge, for example, entails building one edge of the pool at water level, with a catchment area below. This can give your pool a mystical character or create the impression that it continues forever, and is very popular in resorts. Consider creating a pleasing soundtrack by installing a stone waterfall that cascades into your pool.

The title image features Umbriano poolside surrounds with Brussels Block and Copthorne accents.


Landscape Ideas for Creating a Tropical Oasis in the Quad Cities


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