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Landscape Design Ideas for Creating a Sense of Enclosure in Canton, OH

Landscape Design Ideas for Creating a Sense of Enclosure in Canton, OH


There are multiple creative ways to add a sense of enclosure to your Canton, OH, landscape with the wide range of products and expertise offered by Unilock and Unilock Authorized Contractors. Whether you’re looking for a simple addition, or want to create a bold statement, the job can be done with maximum value with Unilock pavers and wall units.


Plants and Shrubs

Adding vertical dimension is one of the surest ways to begin breaking up a large space. This can be done using a number of different vertical features. One visually appealing way to create vertical dimension is by adding shrubbery around the perimeter of your patio or backyard living space. Plantings are less permanent than hardscape features such as low walls and seat walls, however they can allow for some creative freedom. Raised plant beds are ideal for adding privacy and a sense of intimacy to an area and can also help to blend the edges of your patio into the surrounding landscape. Raised plant beds combine the beauty, permanence and durability of concrete wall units such as Rivercrest Wall, with the natural vibrance of plant-life.


Seat Walls

Another wonderful way of creating a comfortable and attractive enclosed patio is by surrounding areas of your patio with seat walls. The key to adding seat walls is having just the right amount of openness while maintaining that sense of enclosure. With the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor, creating a seating area can actually be quite simple. Choose one of the beautiful styles of coping from Unilock to place on top of the wall for a comfortable seating surface. Ledgestone Fullnose Coping, for example, adds an overhanging, rounded edge to a wall so that it is suitable for guests to sit on without worrying about rough edges snagging their clothing. You can put seat walls around fire pits, patios, or even near a pool area.


Fire Features

Enclosures don’t always have to be created with continuous walls or boundaries. In fact, any vertical feature that acts as a space divider can create the same effect. Fireplaces are a beautiful and eye-catching vertical element that serves this purpose. Unilock offers many appealing outdoor fireplaces that can be used to section off a space and create an enclosure. If you’re looking for something subtle, but still very beautiful, then the Ventana pre-built fireplace may be a good option for you. Ventana is crafted using Lineo Dimensional Stone which makes it a durable, modern option. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a dramatic centerpiece out of your fireplace then the Tuscany pre-built fireplace may suit you better. This fireplace makes an elegant statement with the Brussels Dimensional Stone and is accented with Copthorne pavers. Alternatively, similar look can be created by using Brussels Dimensional Stone low walls to enclose your patio, incorporating a fire pit made of the same, and accenting it with a Copthorne border. This combination works excellently with Beacon Hill Flagstone as a patio paver.

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Overhead Covering

Another excellent way of adding a sense of enclosure is by incorporating overhead covering in the form of a pergola or pavilion. Adding a cover to your entertainment areas can help keep them sheltered from the sun and rain. By doing this you will have also created the perfect space to add a TV to make your patio even more entertaining.

The title image feature a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Copthorne accents and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.



Landscape Design Ideas for Creating a Sense of Enclosure in Canton, OH

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